Literature review on conflict management in the workplace

Ltd all rights ct management strategies and employees’ productivity in a nigerian state civil e and education scientific research to » archive» volume 2» issue 4»research access   ct management strategies and employees’ productivity in a nigerian state civil ment of business management, akwa ibom state university, obio- akpa campus, akwa ibom state. Pearson product moment analysis of the relationship between conflict management’s styles and employees’ productivity in the image(png format).

Aliterature review on leadership in the early years

But recently, it has been generally accepted that conflict is somewhat inevitable and is not always or necessarily bad for an organization. 2013: conflict management and organizational performance in secondary schools in cross river state: research journal in organizational psychology and educational studies: emerging academy resources, 2(2), article.

The descriptive survey design was adopted and self developed questionnaire tagged conflict management strategies and employees’ productivity questionnaire was used in the data collection. Finding has also revealed that imposing as a conflict management strategy has a negative significant contribution to employees’ productivity.

1989, supervisory power bases, styles of handling conflict with subordinates, and subordinate compliance and satisfaction, journal of psychology, 123: article      crossref. This is because when conflict is not properly managed, there cannot be an increased productivity.

This means that when collective bargaining and negotiation are used to manage workplace conflict, it will result to an improvement in performance unlike avoidance and imposing method which does not enhance employees’ productivity. Workers at all level should be trained and given the right behavioural orientation as to reduce the occurrence of conflict at workplace.

Therefore, it is very important to examine which of the conflict management strategies could endanger increase in employees’ productivity in the workplace given the fact that conflict is inevitable. Workers at all level should be trained and given the right behavioural orientation on how to handle conflict.

Conflict management strategies refer to the internal mechanisms used by the various authorities in resolving conflict (adeyemi and ademilua, 2012). Therefore, the key for organizational success is to recognize and manage conflict effectively for the good of the organization, rather than to simply avoiding it.

2005, conflict management in an age of globalization: a comparison of intracultural and intercultural conflict management strategies between koreans and americans. This therefore means that collecting bargaining and negotiation are the conflict management strategies that can enhance employees’ productivity while imposing and avoidance will discourage employees’ productivity.

Conflict has both positive and negative effect on organization that is why there is a need for effective conflict management ct management refers to attempt to control or regulate conflict through a number of measures. Section a comprised two items, section b was made of 16 items with four items each used to measure each of the four conflict management strategies considered (collective bargaining, negotiation, imposing and avoidance).

Also, lee & rogan (1991) examined the conflict management styles of local government employee with superiors, peers and subordinates. It therefore means that collective bargaining and negotiation can be term to be an effective means of conflict management strategies that will trigger a better employee’s productivity when conflicts are properly managed, it results to an improved productivity.

Just like any other organization, akwa ibom state service is still confronted with various forms of conflict both interpersonal and conflict task conflicts. There is no significant contribution of each of the conflict management strategies (collective bargaining, negotiation, avoiding and imposing) to employees’ productivity in the workplace.

Therefore, it was recommended that conflict in whatever level should not be ignored but should be effectively managed for better employees’ productivity in the workplace. Six hundred (600) respondents took part in the study involving 300 koreans and 300 americans, the study showed that koreans prefer an avoidance conflict management and a cooperative orientation, whereas the american prefers a competition strategy and an assertive orientation.

According to uya (1992), conflict cannot be completely dissociated from human beings and their endeavours, be it group or organization. 2000, team conflict, integrative conflict- management strategies, and team effectiveness; unpublished doctoral dissertation, university of tennessee, knoxvillein article.

This involves a situation whereby groups who are in conflict and who have failed to reach agreement, can come together once again to attempt to settle their differences. This means that conflict is a “necessary evil” that one cannot do ct refers to a situation in which there are incompatible goals, cognition or emotion within or between individuals or groups that led to opposition (uya, 1992).

How do the different conflict management strategies (of collective bargaining, negotiation, avoidance and imposing) relate to employees’ productivity in the workplace? If properly managed, conflict can lead to the development of ideas, and can also create internal cohesiveness among groups.