An argumentative essay on corporal punishment

In a recent controversy concerning corporal punishment in schools, a physical education instructor in albany, georgia was recently suspended, but not fired after physically punishing and abusing her student. I know sometimes children can be very disobedient and stubborn, but when you present corporal punishment to a child what we you are really doing is hitting a child’s subconscious self-destruct button. A parent's choice to empower or to control i was raised in a home where corporal punishment was a way of life.

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The changing views of society over a period of time can be reflected by the punishment techniques that were used by the society. While being a lecturer in several high school institutions lona founded an online educational project more. Corporal punishment has been one of the main topics of research in psychology in last few decades....

Of the national center for children in poverty at columbia university conducted a meta-analysis study on the effects of corporal punishment to young children. The administration of corporal punishment on any person clearly would amount to a violation of these fundamental constitutional values, which begs the question as to why corporal punishment to children is permitted.... Department of education statistics, more than 600,000students were struck by teachers in public schools in 1990.

Corporal punishment has existed for a reason that is not just to scare or emphasize superiority. There is not one good reason to keep executing wrongdoers in the united states or anywhere l punishment goes against the morals and standards that our country is based upon. When an anti-corporal punishment book is newly published, such as beating the devil out of them, by murray a.

Sometimes they are not in a frame of mind to realize how having a family member in prison can damage the relationships…. True love is like ghosts,"claims françois, duc de la rochefoucauld, "ne talks about but few have seen". Just like the scripture reads, “a rebuke works deeper in one having understanding than striking a stupid one a hundred times” prov 17:10 (new world translation).

The very idea of physical discipline is based on an adult using his or her larger physique and power to intimidate and force someone much smaller and weaker into a state of compliance (rathis, 2007). My parents, both from a very strict religious background, felt justified in spanking and instilling fear in the name of god. I believe corporal punishment is a flawed system and there are superior alternatives to discipline, such as expulsion and community service.

Some research has even shown that parent’s use of spanking actually works against what they are trying to accomplish. The long-term effects of murder seem so distant that capital punishment may fail to act as a…. The argument over whether to spank or not to spank usually devolves into two points of view....

The power to execute is vested only with the government and in the eyes of non-state organisations. For the price of court costs, lawyers, and appeals, lee lets us know, it is but the abolitionists' and defenders of the criminals that are responsible for the interminable legal activities that run…. They are quick to learn when words and actions don’t coincide, for example, when a parent spanks a child because the child hits someone else.

Defined by the oxford english dictionary, spanking is, “the action of beating or slapping with the open hand by way of punishment” (“spanking n. Parents view spanking as an effective form of punishment that gets the point across to the child that they should not do the bad things that they received that punishment for. Ten of the associations were negative such as with increased child aggression and antisocial behavior.