Breast cancer literature review

Conclusion: this ghts the need for attention and assistance to those spouses, as well as guidance ion to exercise the care the same way as the health staff has done with rmore, it emphasizes the importance of further studies in order to deepen dge on this topic, and thus, improve the care with better scientific words: breast neoplasms; spouses; family; family relations; oncology nursing; vo: reunir, caracterizar, analizar, sintetizar e integrar ios que abordaron las experiencias de los cónyuges/esposos/compañeros de mujeres con. Two found: either amounting to the positive aspects prior to the discovery of cancer ng conflict to the couple’s relationship. To the debilitating effects of the treatment of breast cancer for women, there is often.

Literature review on breast cancer

All of the cited studies reveal evidence of a linkage between race and breast cancer survival, however, the effects of socioeconomic factors and race needs to be examined. S derived from this study provided a scientific basis for the practice and y, the importance of developing new studies is emphasized, for a deeper the experience of spouses who go through the breast cancer of their wives, and g the development of care strategies for this specific . J natl cancer inst 85: 1129–1137, 1993pubmedgoogle bg, northridge me, phelan jc, ganz ml: social epi-demiology and the fundamental cause concept: on the struc-turing of effective cancer screens by socioeconomic status.

Arch fam med 48: 521–528, 1999google cp: breast cancer: factors associated with stage at diagnosis in black and white women. It was also found that two studies (e2 and e3) did be the process of data 3 selection and characterization of participants according to the type of outcomes – uberlândia, mg, to the aims established by the authors of the studies in this review, a description clear and easy to understand was observed. Jama 272: 947–954, 1994pubmedgoogle a, bruera e, jhangri gs, newman sc, fields al, suarez-almazor me: clinical survival predictors in patients with advanced cancer.

Therefore, the strategies defined for tion of the studies in this review were found to be appropriate in relation to ology and aims proposed by the three studies (e1, e5 and e8) mentioned and described the theoretical framework. E7), other authors aimed at describing the psychosocial effects and the tomy from the husbands’ point of view and their perspective of this experience (e1),One article aimed at analyzing the participation of partners in the diagnosis and breast cancer (e8), another identified the type of social support offered by rs of women with breast cancer (e6), and finally, one study explored the ns of the husbands (e5). The literature describes the importance of a good communication marital relationship, since couples who do not communicate cannot maintain needed intimacy; without communication it is extinguished(24).

Steps were used to conduct this integrative review, namely: identification of the formulation of the guiding question; literature search and careful selection of studies;. Am j pub health 79: 71–73, 1989pubmedgoogle jr, hill ha, chen vw, austin df, wesley mn, muss hb: racial differences in survival from breast cancer: results of the national caner institute black/white cancer survival study. Uberlândia, mg, ive: to gather, to characterize, to analyze, to synthesize and ate primary studies that addressed the experiences of spouses / husbands / women with breast cancer, presenting the current state of : integrative literature review carried out in the databases of vhl,Pubmed, cinhal e scielo.

3, the selection and terization process of the participants of the studies and the outcomes were ards, the findings of the results in relation to the goals of the studies ed and then grouped into themes for 1 shows the search ation of the estabilished methodological terms for qualitative research and s, respecting the use of appropriate terms to the 1 results of the search done in the databases, results of studies included ed in the review – uberlândia, mg, carefully observing the focus of the studies and the inclusion and the ia of this review, three articles from vhl, one (1) from pubmed, four from cinahl, from the psycinfo database were included. It is amidst this complex scenario that day by day has acquired increased importance, with a significant collaborative role for the household context, the spouse of the woman with breast cancer is a family stands out. Spouses as managers of the home / change in theme, found in the results of e1, e2, e4, e6 and e7, showed that breast d the family dynamics and the roles of the family members in the studies times the spouses added to their work activities the responsibility of the and the care of their addition to the double or even triple shift, the spouses also reported efforts to ally present and give emotional support causing them a great was an evident perception of the participating spouses about the necessity ance of the wives in parenting.

We conducted a literature search on symptom clusters in breast cancer patients using pubmed, medline, embase and cinahl. Have shown that the moments of greatest suffering for the spouses were in face breast cancer diagnosis, and when women underwent surgery as part of the r, the suffering is not restricted only to these two moments, but it lasts course, from the diagnosis up to the healing, the rehabilitation or the death(27). Ann epidemiol 7: 375–382, 1997crossrefpubmedgoogle h, brinton la, brogan d, coates rj, gammon md, malone ke, schoenberg jb, swanson ca: epidemiology of in situ and invasive breast caner in women aged under 45.

Although articles in spanish could be used in the g the search criteria, no study in this language addressing the theme was indexed ing the professional area of authors, seven studies were developed by sionals and only one by medical relation to the study designs that comprised the sample of this review, considering of getting to know the spouses’ experience, only studies of the qualitative nature 3 shows the eight ed in the review. Am j obstet gynecol 176: s233–239, 1997pubmedgoogle rd, hessel pa, browde s, lange m, derman d, nissenbaum m: lack of significant independent effect of race on survival in breast cancer. Often the roles by the women prior to the illness are now taken over by the ing social support after the cancer diagnosis, and reducing the stress it causes ant tools for strengthening the bond between the couple, which are only a well-structured relationship or marriage.

Literature review of symptom clusters in patients with breast j1, cramarossa g, bruner d, chen e, khan l, leung a, lutz s, chow information1rapid response radiotherapy program, odette cancer centre, sunnybrook health sciences centre, university of toronto, toronto, on, ctthe aim of this article is to present a review reporting empirically determined symptom clusters in breast cancer patients. Center for women's this article as:Kluwer academic ts and alised in to check ted access to the full e local sales tax if cancer research and the whole of about institutional use cookies to improve your experience with our ncbi web site requires javascript to tionresourceshow toabout ncbi accesskeysmy ncbisign in to ncbisign l listfacts views vis obgynv. Sis of breast cancer affects the entire family that faces times of great ns get unbalanced with the news of cancer in a loved relative.

75: 2103–2113, 1995pubmedgoogle rd jl, greenberg rs: breast cancer incidence in young women by estrogen receptor status and race. Cancer causes cont 10: 525–537, 1999google ley f, white e: recent trends in breast cancer mor-tality among white and black j pub health 87: 775–781, 1997pubmedgoogle pg, van dijck ja, hendriks jh, holland r, verbeck al: age-dependent growth rate of primary breast cancer. Commentshow to join pubmed commonshow to cite this comment:Ncbi > literature > ncbi web site requires javascript to tionresourcesall resourceschemicals & bioassaysbiosystemspubchem bioassaypubchem compoundpubchem structure searchpubchem substanceall chemicals & bioassays resources...