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I think tens of thousands of students are engaged in this type of arrangement, the problem is that we don’t know the scale - because they’re not picked up for cheating and many of these companies are operating outside of the uk,” he g in collaboration with professor robert clarke of birmingham city university, dr lancaster has already identified 30,000 instances of students purchasing bespoke essays - many of which were obtained from added that the disproportionate number of russell group students involved was likely due to the high number of international students studying at top claims follow a report published by the telegraph last year warning that the growing number of international students studying in the uk is fuelling the industry, while a recent investigation by the times also found that students from outside of the eu were four times more likely to cheat during their sity grade inflation warning as number of students obtaining first class degrees triples in the company’s under fire for their controversial services is uk essays, owned by nottingham-based parent company all answers ltd, which told this newspaper that international students and the heavy workloads required by top universities were fuelling the company’s rapid ing bespoke essays and dissertations with a “guaranteed” first class grade, uk essays charges students typical fees of £800 and £400 for original pieces of work written by hundreds of freelance and inhouse staff at its headquarters at venture house, ing to the company’s ceo, daniel dennehy, the number of students requesting bespoke essays is increasing by about 2,000 students a year, with the company now generating turnover of £5m last dennehy strongly denied that uk essays was facilitating cheating when questioned by the telegraph, adding that his company provided “valuable services to overworked students”. Perhaps nobody would care for the quality of essay writing if we were able to just grab essays from the shelves in the supermarkets marked with red “sale” stickers.