Complex buying behaviour essay

The study of consumer behaviours helps business manager, sales person and marketers in the following design the best possible product or service that fully satisfies consumer's needs and decide where the service or product would be made available for easy access of decide the price at which the consumers would be ready to buy that product or find out the best method of promotion that will prove to be effective to attract customers to buy a understand why, when, how, what and other factors that influence buying decision of the ance of consumer behaviour to is important for marketers to study consumer behaviour. The study of consumer buying behavior relies on numerous different theories, and currently it is complicated to use only one of them. Here the consumers might keep the following points of evaluation criteria prices, quality, and se decision: normally the consumer is suppose to buy that product or service which up to highest level fulfill his evaluation criteria but even at this stage same factor might alter consumers purchase behavior: consumers buying decision process does not end with the purchase of the product or service it engages itself in post-purchase process.

Therefore, this research utilizes a number of different theories within the context of consumer buying behavior and levels of consumer er buyer behavior of consumer behavior determines consumer’s purchasing decisions. All theories within this non-positivist concept try to acknowledge that consumer behaviors are measured not only by simple dichotomous concepts, but also (and mainly) by more complex, quite often unpredictable and irrational consumer marketing theories are rapidly developing today and new ones appear very often. This may lead organization to keep on, change, of drop the arrangement with the er buying decision er buying decision process consists of the following tion of purchase behavior.

Complex buying behaviour occurs when the consumer is highly involved with purchase and there are significant differences between brands. Moreover, the understanding consumer behaviour also helps marketers to know the what, where, when, how and why of the consumption of product consumption (kumar, 2004). For example, if the consumers are aware of the health effects of eating high fat food or fast food, marketing of such a product to health conscious consumer will end up in a nutshell, consumer behaviour theories and concepts are of most importance to the sales people or the marketers.

Research into consumer behaviour allows the marketer to create target groups of people with common interests, values, beliefs and patterns of behaviour which will be discussed further in this proposal. Regarding individual and business buying 's theory of m maslow's through his famous theory explained that how human beings are motivated by particular needs at particular times. Thus, understanding consumer's behaviour to buy a product is complex and requires marketers to continuously understand and apply various concepts and theories for successful marketing.

Recognition: it will occur when an organization recognizes a problem or need that can be meet by buying a product or l need description: let's assume that an organization wants to improve its services or products soin this step characteristics of the services and products needed are explicitly t specification: after the pervious step an organization will express the specification of the product or services which will be of course done with the consultation of the engineering or technical er search: in this step an organization will search for the supplier of the goods needed this can be done by reviewing trade directories or by doing computer search. For example if a car company diversify and buy machine for tire selling: purchasing a packaged solution to some problem for single seller as a result ignoring all the separate decision involved in a complex buying situation. He observed that people while growing up keep inside many urges which are never eliminated or under full control: they are expressed in dreams, slips of tongue etc, or some times in theory suggested that human beings buying decisions are influenced by subconscious motives that the purchaser may not fully understand.

This will significantly assist the marketers to invade the competitive market and come out with fruitful relationship between different types of consumer buying behaviour with the level of consumer involvement and the degrees of differences between brands. To understand the factors influencing consumer's buying is important for marketers to consider the factors that affect the buying behaviour of consumer before entering the market. Marketers need to keep in mind the factors that induce the buyer to think about the risks of buying and thus should in advance provide consumers with information that reduces the perceived risk of a purchase the consumer experiences either a sense of satisfaction, or a sense of dissatisfaction.

Therefore, the market of a particular product can always be segmented according to its’ properties that are of paramount importance for different groups of customer’s desire to change and/or postpone buying decision largely depends on perceived risks. Comments made by third party and direct contact through an online community affect buying pattern;. This behaviour can be associated with the purchase of a new home or personal computer 4 dec 2012 complex buying behavior defines scenarios that are characterized by high levels consumer 'involvement' in decision; with significant amounts perceived differences between brands product category is type decision where consumers fully involved process when they completely highly purchase, for which there brands, requires customer to exhibit 11 sep 1) and then it 6 feb.

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The first step in finding the solution to this important question can be stimulus response model of consumer buying behavior. For example buying a cold of business buying behavior ht re-buy: an organization buying things in a routine order without any modification. 1: describe the main stages of the purchasing decision making ss buying decision ss buying decision process consists of the following l need t al routine specification.

The biggest difference between consumer and business model is the difference between the factors and people which alter and perform buying process. To do this, the company needs to recognize the complex decision-making process a consumer goes through. People most of times are influenced by reference group to which they do not : it is the most significant consumer buying unit in a society and it has been researched widely.