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This module offers the opportunity to explore diversity in american writing in 3 key aspects: the treatment of big social themes (race, gender, sexuality, politics, and class), literature as a means of social protest, and the use diverse literary forms to address social themes (plays, poems, novels, manifestos, autobiographies, graphic novels). For more information, read our student guide to the recognition of prior certified learningwe accept a variety of international equivalent qualifications and leeds trinity interviews international candidates.

Students will participate in, and critically assess, co-creation of digital narratives and understand the role of the writer in transmedia productions and how this relates to game-based narratives and interactive scenario this course you will study a range of modules which may include the following:eng6174 - dissertationstudents will define a topic of their choice, in consultation with an appointed member of staff; formulate a proposal; conduct a detailed investigation of the topic, under the supervision of the appointed member of staff; and complete a dissertation on the topic, appropriately presented and supported by scholarly student has an opportunity to develop a specialist study of the works of a particular writer, or to examine a group of related 6182 - professional writing 3students pitch for writing work from external clients. Is a step-up course in creative writing for students wishing to continue after the introductory will i say what i think about the course?

Alternatively, you could use your additional experience and qualification to progress in your current career or pursue a related path within the creative ’ll also be well equipped for a future in education, arts administration, script editing, literary management, broadcasting, journalism, advertising, the media, publishing, literary agencies, marketing, pt and many other programme has established a powerful record for developing successful writers and creative leaders, from playwrights and television writers to novelists, directors and out more about graduate profiles of students who have studied ma writing for performance and publication:Lewis carterranvijaysinh jhalazodwa nyonijames waplingtonread more ma student profiles careers supportwe encourage you to prepare for your career from day one. 85% of our students are satisfied with the learning community at leeds trinity, making us the top university in yorkshire for satisfaction with the learning community (nss 2017).

That’s one of the reasons leeds graduates are so sought after by careers centre and staff in your faculty provide a range of help and advice to help you plan your career and make well-informed decisions along the way, even after you graduate. Documents and information you’ll ’ll need to submit a portfolio of 2,000-3,000 words of creative writing.

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Find out more at the careers al and cultural theory (english studies) h literature g for performance and publication to search g identities: critical and creative practices ma (full time / part time) 2017 date: september on/mode: 12 months full time24 months part /eu fees: £6,750 (total). Students will also draw comparisons between works within and across different cultures, and engage with the critical tradition and recent critical debates surrounding each 5842 - life writing: writing the self, writing otherssemester 1: g, analysis and discussion of published texts across a range of autobiographical forms and styles will inform and develop the students' exploration of 'writing the self' through their own writing in creative exercises and the production of an original autobiographical er 2: ts will apply and adapt what they have learned about autobiography to writing about the lives of others, working with published texts, writing exercises and methods for researching and representing life stories.

This course is aimed at those who are already writing regularly and looks at wasy to move towards longer works/ refining of a writer’s particular ‘voice’. They will learn the value of the reflective process, by writing up their study week by 4882 - mapping genresthis module is designed to develop awareness of genre and to encourage students to analyse contemporary fiction in terms of particular genres and their historical development; it is also designed to develop student confidence in reading and engaging with pre-1900 writing.

You also have the opportunity to choose three more modules exploring writing in different literary periods and genres, such as gothic, science fiction and postmodern fiction. You’ll develop your knowledge of research methods in critical and creative studies and choose from a range of options to explore genres that suit your own interests.

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With little experience of creative writing or those wishing to rediscover creative description in course offers an introduction into what makes a poem or a short story. They will then study a selection of poems by particular poets from the early twentieth century, paying attention to their social and cultural contexts, innovations in technique, aspects of each poet's vision and interpretation of human experience, and issues raised by the 'modernist' 4742 - creative writing workshop 1students will begin by getting to grips with how we can express thoughts and opinions in prose writing.

Of scheduled learning and teaching; 150 hours of scheduled learning and teaching; 1,050 hours of independent leeds trinity we aim to provide an excellent student experience and a personal approach to helping students achieve their academic and professional potential. Other partners include opera north, itv, screen yorkshire, the national media museum, creative england, red ladder theatre company, true north productions, chapel fm radio, valley press and many more.

The final year students negotiate and contract for the work and thus learn about the wider market for professional writing. You will learn by doing - picking out the key voices, the key comments, the tipping points, and in so doing gain an understanding of how to create a story for online this course you will study a range of modules which may include the following:eng5102 - professional writing 2learning and teaching takes place in collaboration with level 6 students on eng 6182 professional writing 3.

Students will also be required to try to get their work published and explore writing as a professional freelance 6402 - advanced short film production in this module students have an opportunity to employ the knowledge and technical skills obtained so far through previous module(s), especially mfc5042 (the stated pre-requisite) to produce substantial artefact for their career aim is to produce a 10’ short film to a professional standard. She supervises doctoral work in creative writing and welcomes applications from research students interested in any area of adaptation and practice-based research that focuses on fiction and/or script.

You will continue to develop your journalism skills and your employability through specialist magazine writing and professional writing 3. Programme draws upon the productive use of writing across all of these areas, but also encourages cross-media exploration to generate dynamic and innovative types of output.