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Successive lp approach with c-var type constraints for imrt most cited articles published since 2012, extracted from ceutical supply chain and inventory management strategies: optimization for a pharmaceutical company and a ation of queueing theory in health care: a literature review. Politics, money and bureaucracy have left americans with doubt, confusion and the worries on how to pay for health coverage. United states should have a national healthcare plan because it will cut down on cost be more efficient and make doctors more financially responsible when it comes to spending money....

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By having these reforms you can expand your coverage, hold insurance companies compatible, you will have lower health care costs, you will also be guaranteed more choices in deciding about your health care, and you will be able to enhance the quality of all the care in america. The healthcare reform law has been the center of a heated debate for some time now within the house and the senate. 2003), "what makes america health care system great is its ability to attract the finest minds in our society," that can help the sick by preventing and curing medical complications.

However, the market for health insurance differs dramatically from markets for most goods and services in such a way that increased competition does not necessarily drive down prices. Topics are therefore: forecasting, capacity planning, risk assessment, supply chain management, long term care, home care, location and allocation, and appointment planning, among addition to original research articles, orhc publishes:review papers:the content and presentation of this international journal is such as to provide maximum utility to researchers, teachers and practitioners who have an interest in operations research techniques for good health care delivery. Currently, the united states is facing a major challenge in controlling the cost of health care and providing coverage for everyone.

In january of 1993, clinton announced that he would be putting together a team of experts to review the issue of health care cost and develop a plan to propose to congress (bok, 1998). Durk-jouke van der l control of intervention strategies and cost effectiveness analysis for a zika virus l issues published in operations research for health 2014 - the 40th international conference of the g group on operational research applied to health l issue of the 2012 conference of the euro operational research applied to health services (orahs). Rather, it would facilitate the distribution of healthcare resources, such as new facilities and equipment, based on human need, not market share.

A medicare-for-all plan would negotiate prices on drugs and medical devices for the entire u. In 2007 nearly fifty-million americans did not have health insurance, while another twenty-five million were underinsured”. Most public hospitals, which typically care for the uninsured, on the other hand, have been severely underfunded and stand in need of critical infrastructure and equipment upgrades.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the history of health care, the major improvements made to coverage through the years. Medical technology results in higher rather than lower operating costs — unlike the corresponding relationship in most other factors in the inefficiency of the american health care system are not specifically related to the nature of the medical business. However, obtaining the universal right to health was only possible due to decades of struggle and social movements that allowed the reform of the health system in the country....

The huge investment in technology contributes to quality, but it also adds to the expense and therefore the inefficiency of the us health care system (krugman & wells, 2006). Health reform literature review according to ehlke (2009), buerhaus, ulrich, donelan, and desroches (2008), the health insurance and health care system in america have become an overly politicized arena. The agenda setting which led to the patient protection and affordable care act agenda setting is the process that determines appropriate solutions to a certain problem of a given field (kingdon, 3).

The way the health care system is organized creates barriers to accessing effective care for women because it has failed to take into account that men and women use the health care system very differently.... Spending on health care during that year was over 17 percent of the gross domestic product (gdp). Has been ridiculed for being the only developed country that does not have a national health insurance plan that covers each and every citizen (schneider, 2011).

Mass media’s undermining of societal values during health care reform there is little doubt that three years ago the american people wanted health care reform. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have tried to use healthcare issues to their advantage, democrats talking about the right that all americans should have to quality healthcare while republicans hammer on the tremendous cost and its impact on the government’s deficit and on business. A medicare-for-all program could address these needs, for example, by increasing the number of primary care residencies, scholarships, and loan-repayment programs; targeting education of primary care physicians through dedicated graduate medical education funding; and increasing the reimbursement of primary care physicians.

The shift to a medicare-for-all plan reorients our system to providing healthcare as a right, not a privilege. Insurers’ biggest costs are what they term medical loss, or the costs of paying for policyholders’ covered healthcare services. Krugman suggests that health care reform should be the main focus for the winning administration of the 2008 election.