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Roots of today's ibm research began with the 1945 opening of the watson scientific computing laboratory at columbia university. 0 of rz report: april 29, : security team**, computer science department, ibm research - zurich, 8803 rschlikon, hed in: rz3730 in d distribution notice:this research report is available. Of optical communications data ation year: 2003, page(s):223 - paper is primarily an overview of data link design efforts in ibm pertinent to local area networks (lans) using both multimode fiber (mmf) and single-mode (smf) links, with emphasis on mmf links operating at short wavelengths.

Year: 2012, page(s):1:1 - 1: 2007, ibm research took on the grand challenge of building a computer system that could compete with champions at the game of jeopardy! Browse the entire digital library of the ibm journal of research and development, as well as back issues of the ibm systems cal paper ibm performance simulation framework for describe the “ibm performance simulation framework for cloud”, which supports modular, accurate and scalable performance simulations of clouds. New kind of dementia treatment: using voice monitoring to help diagnose and treat dementia at doctors are in: physicians at ibm research help create a new vision for healthcare uc: the road to the zero emissions data ted reality makes shopping more personal: new mobile application from ibm research helps both consumers and et memes at work: how an online meme can give a glance into company g financial fraud: how ibm research can help companies save billions big bang to big data: astron and ibm explore the origin of the cal paper dings of the 9th advanced summer school on service oriented 9th advanced summer school on service-oriented computing (summersoc’15) continued a successful series of summer schools that started in 2007, regularly attracting world-class experts in service-oriented computing to present state-of-the-art research during a week-long program organized in four thematic tracks: formal methods for soc; computing in the clouds; elasticity in the cloud; and emerging topics.

The first version of this research report was entitled "cryptographic protocols of the identity mixer library". We present an extension to the ibm neural tissue simulator that models details of neuron morphology and the dynamics of intracellular diffusible ions or molec... Boy and his atom: scientists at ibm research have made the world's smallest movie by moving individual atoms with a scanning tunneling data to power and feed an island nation: how brunei is using weather modeling to save its natural resources.

Analysis: how watson reads a ation year: 2012, page(s):2:1 - 2: first stage of processing in the ibm watson™ system is to perform a detailed analysis of the question in order to determine what it is asking for and how best to approach answering it. Of sentence embedding models using prediction tasks in natural language ation year: 2017, page(s):3:1 - 3: tremendous success of word embeddings in improving the ability of computers to perform natural language tasks has shifted the research on language representation from word representation to focus on sentence representation. North: introducing a brain-inspired silicon: tackling tomorrow’s chip grand challenge rial polymers: ibm research has demonstrated a new class of self-healing, super-strong polymer 's smallest magazine cover: “chiseling” the future of york genome center: analyzing genomes to help personalize cancer t lucy: using cognitive systems to tackle africa's grand ational creativity: how a machine can generate ideas the world has never imagined polymers: nanomedicine that can destroy antibiotic-resistant paths: enabling natural interaction between physicians, data and electronic medical analytics and machine learning: giving a voice to ugandans through crowdsourcing and data sequencing meets chocolate: how analyzing cacao plant genes could save ive computing: artificial intelligence meets business ch rohrer: nobel laureate and ibm fellow back to the grid: electric cars, homes and buildings are helping to balance energy supply and demand.

The advanced summer school is regularly attended by top researchers from academia and industry as well as by graduate students from programs with international acclaim, such as the erasmus mundus international master in service the morning sessions at summersoc renowned researchers gave invited tutorials on subjects from the themes mentioned above. Data encryption standard (des) and its strength against ation year: 1994, page(s):243 - data encryption standard (des) was developed by an ibm team around 1974 and adopted as a national standard in 1977. Topics span areas including genetics, microbiology, epidemiology, crop production, and traceability in the food supply ical paper: at the end of this issue is a nontopical paper concerning predictive models in b2b (business-to-business) recommender journal digital complete digital library (1957 - present) of the ibm journal of research and development, including all ibm systems journal issues, is available on ieee journal digital library on ieee ript ibm journal of research and development welcomes submissions that relate to the themes described in the currently open calls for t the journal editor if you have any questions.

Subscription to the ibm journal of research and development includes access to the current year of the journal, as well as the complete ~60 years for both the ibm journal of research and development and the ibm systems journal. It is the largest industrial research organization in the world, with twelve labs on six continents. Undertakings at ibm research have included the invention of innovative materials and structures, high-performance microprocessors and computers, analytical methods and tools, algorithms, software architectures, methods for managing, searching and deriving meaning from data and in turning ibm's advanced services methodologies into reusable research's numerous contributions to physical and computer sciences include the scanning tunneling microscope and high temperature superconductivity, both of which were awarded the nobel prize.

Paper intent is to provide the scientific community with access to technical reports written by members of the ibm research community. Public license/ibm public c and the international chess ries: ibm facilitiesibmcomputer science organizationsresearch and development logged intalkcontributionscreate accountlog pagecontentsfeatured contentcurrent eventsrandom articledonate to wikipediawikipedia out wikipediacommunity portalrecent changescontact links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this a bookdownload as pdfprintable page was last edited on 30 july 2017, at 16: is available under the creative commons attribution-sharealike license;. Watson research about this dings of the in with personal account required for studies in machine learning using the game of ation year: 1959, page(s):210 - machine-learning procedures have been investigated in some detail using the game of checkers.

Name / given name / last name / within your ibm journal of research and development is a peer-reviewed technical journal, published bimonthly, which features the work of authors in the science, technology and engineering of information following ibm journal articles are freely available for all users to view:Algorithmic information onal dependencies in a relational database and propositional on the history of reversible 2: a unified approach to data definition, manipulation, and studies in machine learning using the game of evolution of risc technology at experimental compiling about subscribing to this journal >. I have read and understand this notice and am a member of the scientific community outside or inside of ibm seeking a single copy wikipedia, the free to: navigation, research headquarters, the eero saarinen-designed thomas j. For a single words and and or work inside this search er sciences/ical ering and cal report rss a country/region: y tab ed research - selected tab,Primary tab ewour historypast articles - selected ning where discovery and ibm: team up to transform the oil son project: predicting the future of lake power: what is a cognitive chip?

Years of serious thinking and patent leadership: read about ibm's innovation for innovation: from supercomputers to watson's thumb - the nuts and bolts behind the ds take down counterfeiters: ibm scientists create nano-sized patterns to thwart -point cancer therapy: targeting only bad cells with proton d eyes its water supply: ibm research analytics help reduce loss and save ion agriculture: using predictive weather analytics to feed future research goes hollywood with emmy win: linear tape technology to revolutionize media storage. I have read and understand this notice and am a member of the scientific community outside or inside of ibm seeking a single copy only. The afternoon sessions were dedicated to original research contributions in these areas: these contributions have been submitted in advance as papers that had been peer-reviewed.

2] this was the first ibm laboratory devoted to pure science and later expanded into additional ibm research locations in westchester county, new york starting in the 1950s,[3][4] including the thomas j. These papers have been edited and integrated into the volume included in this technical report. Knowledge extraction from ation year: 2012, page(s):5:1 - 5: to a large amount of knowledge is critical for success at answering open-domain questions for deepqa systems such as ibm watson™.