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For instance, if your research objective is not in line with the aims and scope of the target journal, or if your manuscript is not structured and formatted according to the target journal layout, or if your manuscript does not have a reasonable chance of being able to satisfy the target journal’s publishing expectations, the manuscript can receive a desk rejection from the editor without being sent out for peer review. Track your accepted articleonce your paper is accepted for publication, you will receive a reference number and a direct link that lets you follow its publication status via elsevier’s track your accepted article r, even without a notification you can track the status of your article by entering your article reference number and corresponding author surname in track your accepted more about track your accepted articlemake sure you complete the copyright form and select a license if you have chosen to publish open access.

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Review articles provide information about the topic and also provide journal references to the original research. For the defunct magazine named 'science journal', see new a broader coverage related to this topic, see scientific article's lead section may be too long for the length of the article.

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They are often incomprehensible to anyone except for researchers in the field and advanced students. If the journal's editor considers the paper appropriate, the paper is submitted to scholarly peer review.

Conclusiongiven the ever increasing number of manuscripts submitted for publication, the process of preparing a manuscript well enough to have it accepted by a journal can be daunting. Each open access journal have its own call for papers which can be found on the journals home page.

While there are several types of research articles, such as short communications, review papers and so forth, these guidelines focus on preparing a full article (including a literature review), whether based on qualitative or quantitative methodology, from the perspective of the management, education, information sciences and social sciences g for academic journals is a highly competitive activity, and it’s important to understand that there could be several reasons behind a rejection. Structuring papers for success: making your paper more like a high impact publication than a desk reject, technovation.

About cost and open access have led to the creation of free-access journals such as the public library of science (plos) family and partly open or reduced-cost journals such as the journal of high energy physics. With more than 3 million users, mendeley makes your life easier by helping you organize your papers, citations and references, accessing them in the cloud on any device, wherever you more.

Issues of a scientific journal are rarely read casually, as one would read a magazine. If they are describing experiments or calculations, they must supply enough details that an independent researcher could repeat the experiment or calculation to verify the results.

All the submitted papers will be assigned unique manuscript number with in 24 hours after submission. Schoolbooks and textbooks have been written usually only on established topics, while the latest research and more obscure topics are only accessible through scientific articles.

In this review we analyzed some recent research that used biopolymers to reduce the absorption of fat during frying. Measures contextual citation impact by weighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject o journal rank (sjr): o journal rank (sjr):2016: 0.

This type of article is becoming popular and journals exclusively dedicated to them have been established, e. Many doctoral programs allow for thesis by publication, where the candidate is required to publish a certain number of scientific es tend to be highly technical, representing the latest theoretical research and experimental results in the field of science covered by the journal.

A non-profit wikipedia, the free to: navigation, a broader class of journals, see academic journal. Select an appropriate publication er publishing campusthe elsevier publishing campus is a free online platform that provides lectures, interactive training and professional advice on a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of publishing to broader issues like gender in research and open science.

Research ethics and policies of all scholarly journals suggest that authors should submit a manuscript to only one journal at a time. Some journals now only publish this data electronically on the articles do not cover original research but rather accumulate the results of many different articles on a particular topic into a coherent narrative about the state of the art in that field.

13] the rise of open access journals, in which the author retains the copyright but must pay a publication charge, such as the public library of science family of journals, is another recent response to copyright of scientific ght policies of scientific francisco declaration on research assessment. For papers – september  – 2017  click here to get more details submit your paper for peer review   january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november and december: 2017 impact factor: 0.

The author of an article was required to transfer the copyright to the journal publisher. We endeavour to fast track the reviews and processing procedure to compress the time between submission, and acceptance of manuscript in our all research publications are open access for widest dissemination of scientific knowledge base, inventions and discoveries collected by our publication through our prestigious authors throughout the world without any economic and legal obstructions.

We will cover the following subjects to help authors in getting their research paper published: 1- research ethics: you cannot publish your paper unless you know about the best practice guidelines on research ethics; those research ethics can be found using the following link: research ethics. Hence, research results from more developed nations are becoming more accessible to scientists from non-developed countries.