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European university institute fiesolana - via dei roccettini 9, i-50014 san domenico di fiesole (fi) - aduatephdhow to distance rships & distance a in professional legal sional areas of ty and uing professional development & ng legal advice rgh law rgh law school welcomes outstanding applications from individuals wishing to join the phd programme. Statement indicating your reasons for 2: choosing your year, master's level original contribution to , mphil or phd 3: your research most critical part of your application is the research proposal and it is the primary component on which your application is research project is unique, requiring specialised and individual supervision of the student concerned.

You will need to explain in your research proposal what research methods you are intending to use and why these are suitable for your research topic. The proposal should describe the project’s scope, its scholarly significance and research methodology, including any source materials on which the project will rely or any empirical research that the applicant intends to undertake.

Use concepts from property law to analyse sexual e new case law/new legislation in a particular area of fy new problems with existing case law/legislation in a particular area of ake an empirical study to see if the law is achieving its also need to make sure your topic is not too broad. It is important to realise that your application may be refused admission on the ground that it is of insufficient depth, and in particular, that it does not disclose what advance in human knowledge might arise from the are aware that after admission and initial talks with the supervisor or after some months of work you might well modify your original of interestdegree programsclinical and experiential learningcoursesacademic calendar & resourcesalumni & student profileslaw ylecturers & affiliatesfaculty activities & tsai china centercollaboration for research integrity and transparency (crit)cultural cognition projectdebating law and religion seriesglobal health justice partnershipgruber program for global justice and women’s rightshuman rights workshop: current issues & eventsinformation society projectjohn m.

The phd registration date is normally backdated so as to include the year spent working on the on department courses can close early. Your proposal will be passed to members of staff with research interests in the area who will indicate whether they are able to offer you school of law must consider whether it possesses adequate resources to support your proposed research, such as books, journals and law reports.

Journal articles, case reports, legislation, treaties, historical this case you need to say a little about how you will access these (bearing in mind that as a student of the university you will be provided with access to legal databases including westlaw and lexislibrary). In law program and who wish to reapply must submit a completely new application and pay the application fee.

Center for international human rightsrobina foundation human rights fellowship initiativethe solomon center for health law and policyyale center for law and philosophyyale center for environmental law and policyyale law school center for global legal challengesyale law school center for the study of corporate lawyale law school center for private lawyale law school latin american legal studiesquinnipiac-yale dispute resolution workshopbert wasserman workshop in law and financeworkshop on chinese legal school & locationstudent servicesacademic resources & servicespoliciescareer developmenthealth & wellnesswelcome class of 2020programs and opportunitiesstudent journals & organizationsstudent news & opinioncommencementdiversity & inclusiontitle admissionsgraduate admissionscost & financial aidresources & toolsprofiles & statisticsnondiscrimination/ title ix entsin the pressvideosreports & publicationssocial mediamedia inquiriessubmit an udying law at yaledegree programsgraduate programsph. Proposal will allow us to consider whether your topic is suitable and whether it is capable of generating a doctoral level thesis.

Of kentkent law schoolkent law an aduate research can take place in any subject area which qualified kent law school staff are able to supervise. Nevertheless, even a topic where a significant volume of literature already exists can, in some circumstances, be original if a fresh perspective on the subject-matter is of phd are a number of ways of writing a phd.

In law program will be required to provide formal confirmation of the self-reported riptsthe applicant will need to upload records of academic performance to the online application prior to submission. For example, you could investigate the effectiveness of criminal law on preventing racist speech at football matches.

Of course the method you choose should reflect the kind of research question you have in terms of resources the library has an excellent collection of monographs and journals, as well as primary materials from most eu jurisdictions and pertaining to public international law. This kind of work will mostly involve study of primary sources (legislation and case-law) as well as secondary literature in the area and in the theoretical/conceptual dimensions of the research might be interested in an empirical review of a particular area of law to see how the law works in practice.

A phd research proposal of between 2,000 and 3,000 words in length should be submitted at the time of application for consideration and approval by the faculty's degree committee. If possible, you should look at previous phds in related areas – if you have access to a university library there will be bound copies of phds submitted there.

Your written application will be evaluated against our rigorous admissions standards, and with a view to matching you to a suitable we feel that your application is strong and if there is supervisory capacity in the field to which you have applied, your potential supervisor may arrange to discuss your application and your research proposal with you further by skype. The research proposal need not be as fully developed as a dissertation prospectus, and projects are expected to evolve over the course of students’ time in the program.

Good proposal should have the following basic elements, though their order and weighting can of course vary:A working title: make this clear and background and rationale: explain the background and issues of your are your aims and objectives? Phd in law is a full-time research degree and may be awarded after three to four years (including a probationary year) of supervised independent research on the basis of a dissertation not exceeding 100,000 words exclusive of bibliography, table of contents and any other preliminary matter.

Departments nce library and history de gasperi research departments es and research » departments and centres » law » ph. In law many theses are based upon reading primary sources (cases, statutes, treaties) and consulting secondary sources.

For example, a thesis on “the law relating to criminal defences inscotland” or “a review of ec law governing the enforcement of european law in national courts of member states” would be too broad. Please note that any documents you upload to our system should not be larger than aim to have a response for you within eight weeks of complete submission of expect our doctoral candidates to be living in edinburgh during their studies, in order to fully participate in our dynamic training programme and to reap as much benefit as you can from our thriving research aduate open day 15 november a phd at edinburgh law ng research raduate degreespostgraduate taught degreespostgraduate research research uing professional developmentpublicationsathena swannews and eventsmootingour staffcontact hoolsschool of lawresearch writing a research raduate degreespostgraduate taught degreespostgraduate research research uing professional developmentpublicationsathena swannews and eventsmootingour staffcontact g a research g a research ing your research proposal is the important first step to becoming a postgraduate research student at the school of focus of your proposal will be slightly different depending on whether you wish to do a phd or an llm by research, but the principles of what to include and who to contact for advice are the ng to a potential you write your detailed research proposal, you may wish to contact a member of our research staff with knowledge of the subject area.

Such projects typically examine the law and attempt to provide an explanation by placing it in a useful theoretical context or by offering a critique from a particular perspective, e. This is not to say that there are no other ways of undertaking doctoral research and note also that these approaches may overlap and a proposal may cover more than one of these is of new and emerging areas of law.