Literature review on agriculture

2010), «multifunctionality of agriculture, public policies and scientific evidences: some critical issues of contemporary controversies», applied studies in agribusiness and commerce –apstract, vol. The purpose is to offer an overview of and background on significant literature published on a r to primary research, development of the literature review requires four stages:Problem formulation—which topic or field is being examined and what are its component issues? The second risk stands in an overly functional point of view from which agriculture would be only considered in terms of its (partly specific) contributions to the national development model, such as providing workers.

Studies on more recent topics relating agriculture to environmental issues, ethics or innovation have likewise involved collaboration with other programmes: sustainable development and ecological economics (zuindeau, 2007), evolutionary theory and transition approaches (nieddu et al. In this article we argue that the current context of agriculture and food affords opportunities, precisely, to revive that effort to produce a collective synthesis that articulates research on several scales, taking into account a diversity of agri-food models and critically examining the mechanisms of their transitions towards an integration of the environmental challenges. We argue that this approach confronted to rt is also useful i) to understand the coexistence (and contradictions) of various sectoral regimes and agri-food models at international scale, and 2) to explore scenarios for agriculture and food transition at this scale.

Literature review may constitute an essential chapter of a thesis or dissertation, or may be a self-contained review of writings on a subject. We then argue that the recent trends in the international context afford an opportunity to revive rt research on agriculture and food. Pour autant, nous défendons l’idée que le nouveau contexte international de l'agriculture et de l'alimentation offre une opportunité pour relancer les travaux de la tr sur ce secteur et pour comprendre les régimes et les transitions agricoles dans différents contextes artículo se apoya en una revisión de los trabajos de investigación inscriptos en la teoría regulacionista (tr) y aplicada a la agricultura y al sector agroalimentario, para analizar las transformaciones de este sector y contribuir a la elaboración de una nueva agenda de investigación.

Por ello, nosotros defendemos la idea de que el nuevo contexto internacional de la agricultura y de la alimentación ofrece una oportunidad para volver a emprender trabajos de la tr sobre ese sector y comprender los diferentes regímenes de funcionamiento que están asociados en diversos contextos nacionales y sus -clés :théorie de la regulation, agriculture, régimes agro-alimentaires, transitions, revue de litéds :regulation theory, agriculture, food regimes, transitions, literature as claves :liberalización, políticas agrícolas, régimen político, jel :q10 - general, b52 - institutional; evolutionary, o13 - agriculture; natural resources; energy; environment; other primary products, o33 - technological change: choices and consequences; diffusion processeshaut de ’s historical contribution to the analysis of agricultural regimes. They completed the analysis of agricultural transformation at a local scale, and provided empirical evidence of new territorial governance of agriculture, especially driven by regions, cities or some actors of the tourism sector (torre and filippi, 2005). Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and izer researchmarch 1984, volume 5, issue 1,Pp 1–76 | cite asnitrification inhibitors in agriculture and horticulture: a literature reviewauthorsauthors and affiliationsjhg slangenp  this article as:Martinus nijhoff/dr.

The book la grande transformation de l’agriculture by allaire and boyer (1995) was a major attempt to synthesize rt and institutionalist studies describing the growth and crisis of agriculture in the post-fordist period. Databases (eg proquest, etc) allow you to search on "reviews" or "literature review" under document type. 1988a), « itinéraires et identités professionnels des travailleurs de l’agriculture », actes et communications de l’inra, vol.

Noted in the preceding section, rt research has highlighted the environmental dimension of the crises faced by agriculture in industrialized countries since the late 1980’s. These models have actually existed in various forms for a very long time, but have received extensive media coverage due to their critique of the agri-industrial model and their claim to better meet certain societal challenges concerning agriculture and food (colonna et al. Communication présentée au colloque renouveler les approches institutionnalistes sur l’agriculture et l’alimentation : la « grande transformation » 20 ans après, montpellier, 16 et 17 juin leul g.

We propose to better integrate rt’s contributions into the analysis of transition studies of agriculture (section 3) and into that of the diversity of agri-food models and food regimes (section 4). Agriculture in mediterranean europe: between old and new paradigms, emerald group publishing, series research in rural sociology and development, vol. 2012), « l'agriculture de firme : un fait émergent dans le contexte agricole français », études rurales, no 190, p.

Return, this participation of rt in debates on transitions could contribute to the collective effort needed to adapt the conceptualization of rt’s institutional forms to contemporary transformations of the economic regimes of sectors such as agriculture. 2016), « convention theory in the anglophone agro-food literature: past, present and future », journal of rural studies, vol. 2006), «regulation redux, regional studies and the sociology of agriculture», in proceedings of the conference of the rural sociology society, kentucky, august 10th b.

Many of these will contain published examples of literature st dissertations and theses: the humanities and social sciences nes over 2 million dissertations and theses with abstracts, 24 page free previews, and full-text pdf, if available, for dissertations and theses dating back to apa paper (lit. They showed the importance of new social compromises about nature and environmental issues, and suggested that agriculture was taking on an important role in the emergence of a political ecology (lipietz, 1995; le roch, 1993; lacroix et al. Gulations agricoles et formes de mobilisation tion theory and transformation of agriculture: a literature éorie de la régulation et transformation de l'agriculture : une revue de la littéía de la regulación y transformaciones de la agricultura : una revisión de la -marc touzard and pierre labarthe.

It still prevails, through two variants (rastoin and ghersi, 2010): i) a model that integrates family agriculture into agri-food firms (both upstream and downstream), and that can benefit from sustained government support and the influence of corporatist organizations formally controlled by farmers; and ii) a wage and financial agri-business model that was reaffirmed in north and south america (wilkinson, 2002) around gm maize and soy, wheat, sugar cane and the pursuit of food industrialization, and in russia after decollectivization (grouiez, 2013). The general transformations of the “work relationship” or “activity relationship” in agriculture, the mediatization and accountability of the food supply chains, the weakening of national agricultural policies, the financiarization of activities and development of territorial governance, inter alia, are all features that are generally shared with the other sectors. Economic analysis of public support for agriculture showed the importance of the articulation of the various scales of public action: european, national and regional (delord et al.