Literature review on child abuse

4 recent studies show that among every 1,000 children, ten are victims of abuse and that of these, 2% to 3% die. Of tent context to search:Across all me via email or y expert sion ibility hall at the university of er for our e-alert or orations & tions in the field of child abuse and neglect prevention: a review of the abuse and neglect prevention is a complex field due, in part, to the diverse and numerous factors that can lead to maltreatment.

1 theories of disproportionate minority are three dominant theories explaining the over-representation of minority children in the child welfare system: 1) the disproportionate need found among minority families; 2) racial bias in child welfare decision making; and 3) family risk and child welfare portionate who argue that minority children and families have a disproportionate need for child welfare services point to the vulnerability of this population in terms of many social indicators, the most salient of which is poverty. However, research has demonstrated that not all maltreated children are reported and not all reported children are maltreated.

Physicians who suspect that a case is one of child abuse should immediately communicate this to one of the following three bodies: the guardianship council, a police station or the public attorney's office. Some have suggested that minority children are less likely to be offered in-home services as an alternative to foster care placement.

This review suggests that an alternative theoretical framework which incorporates environmental factors and relates significant factors about the child abuse victim and perpetrator will produce the most comprehensive explanation of child nd state university. Others have suggested that the nis findings are limited by an under-sampling of large urban centers in which the incidence of abuse or neglect is likely to be higher due to the prevalence of numerous risk factors (barth et al.

São paulo: saraiva; er 03, 2011; accepted:Conflicts of authors declare that there was no conflict of interests in conducting this performed in the department of orthopedics and traumatology, universidade federal de são paulo (dot-unifesp/epm), são paulo, sp, is an open access article distributed under the terms of the creative commons attribution non-commercial license, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly nd state university tations and tations and a theory of child abuse: a review of the f. The study provides critical information on the extent to which the perceptions of child welfare professionals are consistent with the literature on this issue.

All pathological conditions that form differential diagnoses with child abuse, such as osteogenesis imperfecta, were ruled the seventh day of hospital stay, the child was subjected to bilateral plaster-cast immobilization from the chest to the malleolus, under sedation and analgesia, in the surgical child was kept immobilized in the plaster cast for three weeks. In the case reported here, the newborn presented multiple fractures, but all of them were in the acute phase and there were no skin lesions or subdural ing to pfeiffer, a clinical history or physical examination demonstrating signs of frequent lesions that are said to be accidental and an unexplainable delay between the "accident" and seeking medical care are general signs suggestive of physical abuse.

On all measures of socioeconomic status, child abusing families have low achievement and face the stresses of poverty and its associated conditions. 9  photograph at the age of six months, showing absence of anisomelia or significant tly, the legal procedures for guardianship of the child are underway and a court hearing to decide on guardianship is 1946, caffey6,7 described an association between subdural hematomas and fractures of long bones in infants.

All of these institutions have the duty to safeguard and defend the rights of children and abuse should always be borne in mind as a differential diagnosis among children who present fractures that are poorly explained by trauma mechanisms, particularly femoral fractures in children who cannot yet walk. While the former predicts the several environmental factors significantly related to child abuse and the latter explains the significant findings associated with the perpetrator, neither theory provides an explanation of the role of the child abuse victim.

Specifically, the percentage of african-american children who enter the system and remain in out-of-home care is greater than their proportion of the country's population (anderson, 1997). Specifically, african-american and hispanic children are more than twice as likely to live in poverty as non-hispanic white and asian-pacific islander children (u.

The orthopedic surgeon is often the first physician to evaluate these children, so a high degree of suspicion, and a physical examination and a detailed clinical history is mandatory when evaluating a newborn with musculoskeletal words: femoral fractures; humeral fracture; child r raising of awareness of child abuse has contributed towards better understanding of this complex problem. The purpose of this study was to determine what are the significant factors in child abuse and to what extent the respective theories render a coherent and comprehensive explanation of these factors.

Because reunification is less likely for children in kinship care, african-american children may remain in the child welfare system longer than children of other races (ards, chung, & myers, 1999; terling, 1999; everett, 1999). These findings suggest that the overrepresentation of african-american children in the child welfare system is not attributable to higher rates of maltreatment in this population, but to factors related to the child welfare system itself.

Although african-americans account for 15% percent of all children in the united states, they account for 25% of substantiated maltreatment victims. Alternatively, hispanic children from two parent families were more likely to be reunified than white children from similar researchers have used vignettes to explore how race affects caseworkers' decisions about case plans.

For children reported to cps, the majority of caucasian children receive support to remain at home, whereas the majority of african-american children receive foster care placement (harris, tittle & poertner 2001; usdhhs, 1999). 3 concluded that abuse was more common among children under the age of three years, and that multiple fractures were also more common among children who suffered brazil, no data on the incidence of child abuse has been established.

Research also suggests that reunification is slower for african-american children, particularly those in kinship care (courtney, 1995). A general atmosphere of instability and disruption surrounds the child abusing family indicated by frequent discord among married parents, as well as separations and divorces.

The literature on abuse among newborns is sparse and there are few studies on children under the age of one res are the second commonest presentation of this condition and orthopedists are often the first physician to evaluate these children. Critics posit that the child welfare system is not set up to support and serve minority families and children and that caseworkers' decisions about cases are influenced by race.