Literature review on hypertension

Lancet 360: 1903–a m, lunet n, azevedo a, barros h (2009) differences in prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension between developing and developed countries. Because drug therapies are not always effective, researchers have begun looking more closely at hypertension and its root causes to determine, what if any, non-medicinal treatments can be effective for treating this an attempt to find alternative methods for treating hypertension, researchers have begun study the effects of a myriad of non-medicinal hypertension treatments: exercise, dietary changes and stress management.

Review of literature on prevention of hypertension

J hum hypertens 16: 577–man g, aronow ws, varma r (2004) prevalence of adequate blood pressure control in self-pay or medicare patients versus medicaid or private insurance patients with systemic hypertension followed in a university cardiology or general medicine clinic. Summary of findings of studies examining the associations of arrangements relating to human or physical resources with hypertension studies examined the effect of health system factors relating to human resources, none of which had a low risk of bias (table 2).

Ethn dis 17: 484– b, zhang x, wang g (2013) full coverage for hypertension drugs in rural communities in china. Br j gen pract 55: 875–is w, perel p, legido-quigley h, balabanova d, mckee m (2012) health system barriers and facilitators to hypertension detection, treatment, and control: a systematic review (protocol).

Br j gen pract 60: e476– t, schroeder k, ebrahim s (2005) educational and organisational interventions used to improve the management of hypertension in primary care: a systematic review. With hypertension are generally overweight, and although the mechanism is not fully understood, weight reduction is one of the most effective secondary interventions aimed at reducing blood pressure.

It is true that science has afforded society different medications as a method of treatment for hypertension, the reality is that there are engendered problems with drug therapies; allergies, increased risk factors, non-compliance, etc. Precursory overview of salient literature concerning the use of stress management as a means to control hypertension shows a wide variation in the use of the technique.

Since relevant data shows a direct correlation between stress and hypertension, researchers began to consider stress management as non-drug treatment for d research paper iology of hypertension research papers delve into a preview of an order placed for a medical paper with specific source ension literature reviews examine recent peer reviewed publications regarding the disease disease in women - coronary heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the united states today. Per page - order paper faqs e-mail ch paper ension literature ension literature ension literature reviews examine recent peer reviewed publications regarding the disease ture reviews for medical health research often focus on one particular condition or disease.

Health systems have been defined by the world health organization as “all the organizations, institutions and resources that are devoted to producing health actions” [7] and weaknesses may exist at the national, regional, district, community, and household us systematic reviews have examined the effects of health systems interventions delivered at the community or health facility level on ht care, such as educational interventions that target providers, organisational interventions strengthening collaboration between physicians and pharmacists, and using electronic records to improve management [8]–[10]. Having a routine place of care or physician was associated with improved ht review supports the minimization of medication co-payments in health insurance plans, and although studies were largely conducted in the us, the principle is likely to apply more generally.

The worldwide prevalence and increase in hypertension coupled with the inherent problems of traditional drug therapies makes the search for reliable, non-medicinal hypertension treatment relationship of stress to hypertension has a significant history. Studies that identify and analyze complexities and links between health systems arrangements and their effects on ht management are required, particularly in see later in the article for the editors' 2008, one billion people, three-quarters of whom were living in low- and middle-income countries, had high blood pressure (hypertension).

Medical care 44: 646– lg, murphy aw, smith sm, schroeder k, fahey t (2010) self-monitoring and other non-pharmacological interventions to improve the management of hypertension in primary care: a systematic review. Factor modification be tried initially, in most cases, of mild r, controversy remains over the appropriate initial therapy for hypertension.

This review serves to emphasize and reiterate the burden of hypertension among blacks and acts as a reminder of the need for additional research to determine if culturally competent interventions are appropriate to prevent, treat, and control this disease within this : 14632264 [indexed for medline] sharepublication types, mesh terms, grant supportpublication typesresearch support, u. 15,16 the purpose of the taim study was to compare antihypertensive medications and diet modification in the treatment of mild hypertension.

Commentshow to join pubmed commonshow to cite this comment:Ncbi > literature > american journal of microsite search american journal of ising and corporate -archiving american journal of mobile search history studies in hypertension research review of the literature. The trial of antihypertensive interventions and management (taim) study-adequate weight loss, alone and combined with drug therapy in the treatment of mild hypertension.

As with other chronic diseases, weaknesses in health care systems probably contribute to the inadequate treatment of hypertension. Full texts of potentially suitable articles were obtained and were further screened for inclusion by two reviewers.

Ethn dis 16: 145– s, misra d, ehrlich mh, field l, francis ck (1992b) correlates of nonadherence to hypertension treatment in an inner city minority population. Am j manag care 19: e22–boue op, yiagnigni e, koona ak, cacko j, ndobo p (2012) determinants of hypertension awareness and treatment among patients under cardiology follow-up in a cameroonian regional hospital.

The research literatures summarized here represent four general areas: 1) cellular salt transport mechanisms, 2) dietary sodium, intravascular volume, and renal function, 3) cardiovascular morphology and physiology, and 4) cardiovascular reactivity. In conclusion, ts with mild hypertension can lower and maintain their blood pressure weight loss as monotherapy.

These studies reviewed provide research-based evidence for treating mild hypertensive patients with weight loss as monotherapy. This review discusses the magnitude of the problem, its epidemiology, and the evaluation and management of hypertension as recommended by the reports of the joint national committee on prevention, detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood pressure.