Literature review on juvenile delinquency

Through their work in the center for research on adolescents, women, and the law (crawl) lab, both researchers have studied interrogation techniques of juveniles as part of a study done in collaboration with the fbi’s behavioral science unit. While community programs can be very helpful, the court has to ensure that these programs have the resources to rehabilitate the juvenile instead of bringing them back into the community that likely contributed to their initial g (2000) introduced two important ideas into his research — the diversionary rationale and the interventionist rationale.

And adolescent psychiatry and mental use cookies to improve your experience with our information about our cookie t dc- student ch proposal and lit review. Research has shown that there is a higher prevalence of youth crime in low-socioeconomic urban minority neighborhoods but there is no evidence that discrimination is a significant contributor to this o-ghezzi and loughran (2004) found an overrepresentation of minorities in the juvenile justice system and felt that it was necessary to have comprehensive treatment programs to “serve the minority youth in the community and thereby reduce the over-reliance on state-run institutions” (84).

Juvenile delinquency is thus an antisocial act that is illegal or criminalistics in nature done persistently by a minor and cannot be handled by the parent or guardian but requires the help of law enforcement agencies as the act threatens the well-being of the society (sirohi, 2010). A dutch study of juvenile sex offenders showed that compared with group sex offenders, solo peer sex offenders and child molesters had higher total csbq scores and higher scores on several subscales [18].

Causes and an studies - culture and applied -university paper,Juvenile delinquency in schools in trinidad and ention strategies, ch... A study of conditions in juvenile detention facilities, conducted by parent (1994), found that only half of confined juveniles are in a facility that monitors suicidal behavior at a rate compliant to national standards.

Lastly, the nature of the bodily condition may result in abundance of energy finding outlet in delinquency behavior(staff, osgood, schulenberg, bachman, & messersmith, 2010). Finally, literature on the juvenile justice system often focuses on program implementation and effectiveness at addressing rehabilitation, as well as diversion techniques within the system (greenwood 2008; lipsey 2002; simpson 1976; and rojek and erickson 1982; zimring 2000; and styve et al.

With high rates of unemployment and poverty, and without family and neighborhood support, many juveniles turn to crime as a way of sustaining their lifestyles or surviving in an otherwise dangerous neighborhood. In addition, interviews will be conducted with stakeholders in the juvenile justice system in dc.

In the past three decades, rates of juvenile delinquency have increased and, as a result, policymakers have established more severe punishments for juvenile offenders. In new york city, there is the new mandate through the juvenile justice initiative to implement interventions to keep juvenile offenders in the community rather than sending them to be incarcerated.

Child development disorders, pervasive[mesh] or (pervasi*[tiab] and disorder*[tiab]) or autis*[tiab] or asperger*[tiab] or (“theory of mind”[tiab])) and ((aggression[mesh] or violence[mesh] or crime[mesh] or criminal psychology[mesh] or juvenile delinquency[mesh] or crime*[tiab] or criminal*[tiab] or criminol*[tiab] or delinquen*[tiab] or misdemeanor*[tiab] or felonies[tiab] or perpetrator*[tiab] or offender*[tiab] or offens*[tiab] or aggressi*[tiab] or (agnostic[tiab] and (behavior[tiab] or behaviour[tiab]))or violen*[tiab] or assault*[tiab] or delinquen*[tiab] or abduct*[tiab] or kidnap*[tiab]) or (recidivis*[tiab] or reoffend*[tiab] or ((repeat*[tiab] or relaps*[tiab] or recrude*[tiab]) and (offen*[tiab] or crime[mesh] or juvenile delinquency[mesh] or crime*[tiab] or criminal*[tiab] or criminol*[tiab] or violen*[tiab] or delinquen*[tiab] or violence[mesh]))) or (antisocial personality disorder[mesh] or psychopath[tiab] or psychopaths[tiab] or psychopathy[tiab] or psychopathic[tiab] or sociopath*[tiab] or aspd[tiab] or ((antisocial*[tiab] or dissocial*[tiab]) and (person*[tiab] or behavior*[tiab] or behaviour*[tiab]))) or (sex offenses[mesh] or sexual harassment[mesh] or stalking[mesh] or incest[mesh] or pedophilia[mesh] or (sex*[tiab] and (offen*[tiab] or crime*[tiab] or criminal*[tiab] or criminol*[tiab] or delinquen*[tiab] or abus*[tiab] or aggress*[tiab] or violen*[tiab] or assault*[tiab] or murder*[tiab] or homicid*[tiab] or perpetrat*[tiab] or harras*[tiab])) or stalk*[tiab] or rape[tiab] or raping*[tiab] or rapist*[tiab] or incest[tiab]) or (pedophilia[mesh] or child abuse[mesh] or child abuse, sexual[mesh] or pedoph*[tiab] or pedosex*[tiab] or paedophil*[tiab] or (rape*[tiab] or rapist*[tiab] or (sex*[tiab] and (abus*[tiab] or offend*[tiab] or molest*[tiab]))) and (kids[tiab] or kid[tiab] or child*[tiab])) or (theft[mesh] or theft*[tiab] or kleptoman*[tiab] or thief[tiab] or thieves[tiab] or shoplift*[tiab] or robber*[tiab] or stealing[tiab] or burglar*[tiab]) or (firesetting behavior[mesh] or pyroman*[tiab] or arson*[tiab] or firestart*[tiab] or firesett*[tiab] or incendiar*[tiab] or (fire*[tiab] and set*[tiab])) or (homicide[mesh] or infanticide[mesh] or homicid*[tiab] or murder*[tiab] or manslaught*[tiab] or filicid*[tiab] or femicid*[tiab] or parricid*[tiab] or uxoricid*[tiab] or parricid*[tiab] or matricid*[tiab] or familicid*[tiab] or patricid*[tiab] or siblicid*[tiab] or neonaticid*[tiab] or (violen*[tiab] and (death[tiab] or lethal[tiab])) or infanticid*[tiab] or (child*[tiab] and (homicid*[tiab] or kill*[tiab] or murder*[tiab])) or ((serial[tiab] or multiple[tiab] or mass[tiab]) and (homicid*[tiab] or kill*[tiab] or murder*[tiab])) or assassinat*[tiab]) or (neonaticid*[tiab] or ((murder*[tiab] or homicid*[tiab]) and (newborn*[tiab] or baby[tiab] or babies[tiab] or neonat*[tiab]))) or (infant, newborn[mesh] and (homicide[mesh] or infanticide[mesh] or homicid*[tiab] or murder*[tiab] or infanticid*[tiab])) or (forensic psychiatry[mesh] or criminal law[mesh] or criminology[mesh] or ((crime*[tiab] or criminal*[tiab] or criminol*[tiab] or penal*[tiab]) and (justice[tiab] or convict*[tiab] or law[tiab])) or ((forensic[tiab] or legal[tiab]) and (psychiatr*[tiab] or psycholog*[tiab] or evaluat*[tiab] or health*[tiab] or care[tiab] or nursing[tiab])) or penolog*[tiab]) or (prisons[mesh] or prisoners[mesh] or incarcerat*[tiab] or probati*[tiab] or prison*[tiab] or imprison*[tiab] or jail*[tiab] or inmat*[tiab] or penitent*[tiab] or custod*[tiab] or detention*[tiab] or detain*[tiab] or probati*[tiab] or incarcerat*[tiab] or gaol*[tiab] or ((penal*[tiab] or correct*[tiab]) and (institut*[tiab] or system*[tiab])))) and (adolescent[mesh] or young adult[mesh] or child[mesh] or infant[mesh] or child[all fields] or children[tiab] or adolescen*[tiab] or puberty[tiab] or youth*[tiab] or young*[tiab] or juvenil*[tiab] or toddler*[tiab] or infan*[tiab] or boy*[tiab] or girl*[tiab] or preschool*[tiab] or (school[tiab] and age[tiab])) and (“1990”[pdat] : “2015”[pdat]). Commentshow to join pubmed commonshow to cite this comment:Ncbi > literature > new authors:free, easy and al: ambassador newsletter keeps you up to date with all new papers in your information via can unsubscribe any registered t with t a new password via al process, criminology, law of juvenile delinquency.

The problems faced by oak hill detention center represent many of the larger issues that plague the juvenile justice an exploratory and qualitative approach, this research project will generate a summary of the transitions in the juvenile justice system. This finding is in accordance with a review based mainly on case reports, in which only 6 out of 37 violent offenders with asperger’s syndrome had no additional psychiatric disorder [39].

Foster, williamson, and buchannon (2004) reported on a successful reading program that was implemented at a juvenile detention. In the case of comorbidity it is difficult to determine whether asd or the comorbid psychiatric disorder affects the risk of offending prevalence has been studied from a different starting point: the prevalence of asd in suspected and delinquent groups and the prevalence of delinquency in people with asd.

Overcrowding contributes to other problems, such as a greater lack of individualized services and the increased risk of violent behavior, and takes away from a rehabilitative environment – in sum, it causes neglect of individual juveniles. This review of relevant literature looks specifically at the available research on juvenile detention centers in order to show the negative effects of taking a punitive approach in juvenile justice.

While the juvenile justice system has evolved, it was the stray from its original focus of rehabilitation that created the many injustices reviewed in this paper. Many researchers feel that overcrowding is the most dangerous component of the overall ineffectiveness of america’s juvenile detention facilities.

This conservative view mirrored a belief that juveniles should be held accountable to their criminal behavior. These transitions have occurred as a result of reforms made to revive the original purpose of juvenile justice — the purpose of bringing “individual justice” and rehabilitation to the core of the system (mennel 1983; healy and bronner 1930).

With extensive coursework focused on juvenile justice and community collaboration, the researchers have managed to translate their knowledge to their work with juveniles. Public relations, advertising, marketing, social and social activism: a literature ogy - media, art, music.

The juveniles in the system need to feel connected and, in part, responsible for their communities and these programs often empower them in ways the detention center has not. For example, females represent one out of every 17 juveniles in residential placement as compared with males who represent 16 out of every 17 juveniles in residential placement.