Literature review of obesity

High prevalence of metabolic syndrome among kuwaiti adults–a wake-up call for public health intervention,” international journal of environmental research and public health, vol. For the selected publications, we then conducted a full-text review and excluded studies with self-reported instead of measured weight and height, studies with redundant/overlapping data, and review studies that did not contribute new information through a meta-analysis.

Literature review on obesity in adults

It has been shown that children that are obese at the age of four have a twenty percent possibility of developing adult obesity and those who are overweight during adolescence increase their risk of developing adult obesity to eighty percent. Among the studies that reported associations with health consequences, the health consequences examined and associated with obesity were health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and osteoarthritis, and physiologic and biochemical outcomes (blood pressure, respiratory, blood lipids, and glucose measures).

Spence believes that a trial for one year would undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on obesity, fitness and conduct tion of childhood obesity can begin prior to conception. The brookings institution that lifetime costs of obesity are not nearly covered by shorter life expectancy.

Al-isa, “body mass index and prevalence of obesity changes among kuwaitis,” european journal of clinical nutrition, vol. At one point in time, type ii diabetes and heart disease were thought to only affect adults.

Al nesef, “prevalence of overweight, obesity, and metabolic syndrome among adult kuwaitis: results from community-based national survey,” angiology, vol. In studies reviewed, there was a lag of 2–5 years for publication since the last data collection.

Researchers have identified three main causes of obesity and they include genetics, overeating and lack of exercise. This also explains why the obesity rates are increasing faster amongst boys than girls in canada (canadian press, 2003).

Leadership and advocacy from both health professionals and scientists is required to bring about these changes and bring the childhood obesity "epidemic" to an end. Popkin, “the prevalence and trends of overweight, obesity and nutrition-related non-communicable diseases in the arabian gulf states,” obesity reviews, vol.

This review will discuss the cause and effect of childhood obesity as well as compile recommendations and initiatives currently in place to decrease childhood and adult obesity. One hundred and four articles were identified in pubmed, and 32 articles [16, 17, 19–24, 26, 28, 30–51] remained after exclusion of nonepidemiologic studies based on title and abstract review.

Desapriya, “factors associated with overweight and obesity among kuwaiti men,” asia-pacific journal of public health, vol. Al-isa, “dietary and socio-economic factors associated with obesity among kuwaiti college men,” british journal of nutrition, vol.

All of the healthcare providers within communities reported higher rates of obesity prevention the program outcomes, we can conclude that the heac initiative sful in making healthy affordable foods available, providing increased access that are conducive to physical activity, and increasing awareness of the benefits of y lifestyle in the communities it served. The , and reduced economic productivity associated with obesity represent a ic cost for our nation.

Two studies investigated temporal changes in obesity prevalence rates and reported a significant increase between 1980 and 1993 [35] and between 1998 and 2009 [22] (table 3). After the pilot initiative but programs like public matters and er are active in the same areas of los angeles and are carrying on the of policy-driven community based approach to obesity second case study examined in this report is the central california y prevention program (ccropp).

This study provides hope that single-variable intervention maybe successful in limiting obesity and it also draws our attention to the significant contribution of soda consumption on obesity. Of general and central obesity from childhood into early adulthood in african american and european american males and females with a family history of cardiovascular disease.

The social and cations of childhood obesity include low self- esteem and bullying, behavior ng problems, and depression (mayo clinic staff). Publications were selected initially based on title and abstract review to include studies on the epidemiology of obesity and exclude studies not directly related to this subject.

Ined a strong focus on school and after school programs for school e after school programs in california serve almost one million en; creating the possibility for effective anti-obesity prevention (fletcher, 2010). Healthier diet may prevent obesity or lower its occurrence (keener, goodman, lowry,Zaro, kettel, & kahn, 2009).

In the study, 83% of obese black children and 68% of obese white children adults (freedman, et al. The types of data collected in the reviewed studies are outlined for each study in table 3 and summarized for all studies in table 4.