Literature review on social networking

Micro-blogging sites, primarily twitter, which to post comments and web links in a d to 140 characters. How to get personal, business, and professional value from facebook, happy about, silicon valley, ca, 2008; miller, michael, youtube for business: online video marketing for any business, que publishing, indianapolis, in, 2008; jones, monica and soho, steve, everything twitter - from novice to expert: the unofficial guide to everything twitter, createspace, soho books, london, 2009; collins, tim (2009), the little book of twitter: get tweetwise, michael o’mara books limited, london, 2009; morris, tee, all a twitter: a personal and professional guide to social networking with twitter, que publishing, london, 2009.

Literature review on social networking sites

Geolocation applications, such as foursquare, to share their location with other members of network and to earn virtual “badges” for sites. Most king sites have more female users than male on the same 19 social networking sites, the 53% female and 47% male.

Based tics compiled for 19 social networking sites, the networker is 37 years old; adults aged 35 to 44 make single largest group of social networkers (25% of rs). Although not conclusive, research suggests that attract users from multiple demographic categories, 2010, 61% of online americans used social (e.

For example, the toronto transit commission r to relay service updates, whereas mta uses remind the public about scheduled board meetings and them to a live transit organizations use social media to provide ation about services, fares, and long-range ts. Tools give us a great opportunity both to analyse organically arising social networks and to create specific social networks to understand consumers”, cooke and buckley, p.

In addition, this research found blogs, social impact, and twitter among the other popular social networking review found a mix of opinion regarding whether social networking platforms and technology should be integrated into learning processes or not. Strategic planners in advertising use them for consumer intelligence, trying to deepen users’ knowledge and this is an area for further social networks, although their audience growth has been spectacular, there are still significant business model doubts.

When users access the internet exclusively phone, no matter how smart or sophisticated the device,They may not have access to all features of a website r pew study focuses on use of government sites (12). Social media develop in this unique convergence, participation and “crowdsourcing” ne li and josh bernoff (2008), two forrester research[3] analysts, showed through 25 real world cases how companies increase their market knowledge, generate income, save money and mobilize their employees using “social technologies”.

Most of these books are practical and industry-based in nature and do not consider in-depth the social media impact in audiences and communication strategies. Score to represent a user’s social media influence, based s compiled for twitter, facebook, and linkedin (13, 14).

Used facebook to recognize a long-time employee on ment, and dart has created a series of videos for e channel that feature interviews with agency , social media can be fun. 2012) investigates the impact of facebook being a social medium on students’ performance on academic courses.

Although the proportion of americans ct with government agencies using social media small, there is little difference among the three and racial groups. Business-oriented linkedin attracts older users, average age of 44, and sites such as myspace appeal r visitors (average age is 31 years old) (8).

From 2003 on social networks reach the mainstream, and start producing audience figures we could consider “massive”. Because social media sites do lly require proof of identity beyond a valid s, account holders may not always be truthful teristics such as age and gender.

The study also collects opinion of students about the impacts of social medium on their academic of the very significant findings of the study is about the use of social networking sites for the purpose of learning. Even the us census bureau have used social media to find people from 18 to 24 who are primarily renters and/or college students (unattached mobiles) hardly to find by other techniques (lacy, 2010).

Just (56%) used third-party statistical applications such analytics and about 10% conducted : chapter three - survey: how transit agencies use social media ». This qualitative research collected data on 6358 student respondents through a self-administered questionnaire and analyzed this data to make observations on the use of social networking sites among them.

Researchers agree that the most serious crisis faced by social networks have been related to privacy and personal data protection. It is indeed worthwhile to find out whether social networks are more successful in some cultures or countries, or the rationale for local versus global social possibility of segmentation is also interesting for market researchers.

Previous: chapter one - ted citation:"chapter two - literature review: overview of social media. Acquisti and gross (2006: 36-58) describe the “disconnect” between the goal of protecting users’ privacy and their social network behavior (increasingly narcissistic, to say the least), also described in stutzman’s research (2006: 10-18).

1] in this footnote we mention fourteen recent books on the subject: comm, joel, twitter power: how to dominate your market one tweet at a time, wiley, hoboken, nj, 2009; whitlock, warren and micek, deborah, twitter revolution: how social media and mobile marketing is changing the way we do business & market online, xeno press, las vegas, 2008; holzner, steve, facebook marketing: leverage social media to grow your business, que publishing, indianapolis, in, 2008; ojeda-zapata, julio, twitter means business: how microblogging can help or hurt your company, happy about, silicon valley, ca, 2008; clark, ronald, twitter: free social networking for business-100 success secrets to increase your profits and sales using twitter business strategies, emereo pty ltd. Looking into their different roles kumar, novak & tomkins (2006: 611-617) divide users among different groups: passive, and “connectors”, that participate fully in the networks’ social available research suggests that the majority of social networks serve a need to reinforce existing relationships.