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Formation due  to chlorination of ganga water in ison of personal eposure measurements for a typical iit la chinmay observational and laboratory study on the effect of loudf condensa-. Partha -objective analysis of emergency facilities location , sudhir own analysis of granular pavements using various yield . Forecasting of ready mixed concrete through time series al chain project management for infrastructure transportation ng information modelling for infrastructure ng information modelling for commercial projects of pment of integrated project delivery model for infrastructure pment of lean management model for highway cost benefit analysis for transportation cycle costing analysis for bridge development mechanism for metro rail ching schedule sequencing for commercial ready mixed concrete batching computing model for smart city al success factors for development of smart city pment of project risk management model for sustainable smart city ation of plastic waste in the pavements- in collaboration with road and building department, govt.

Prishati mance evaluation of steel-moment-resisting-frame-building incorporating nonlinear ied soil flow around single and group of piles and its effect on the flexural behavior of single . Cost techniques for removal of arsenic from ground water - national environment engineering research institute (neeri). D and 2-d ground response analysis of kanpur strain behavior of local soil and pond ash based on steady state strength ement of shear wave velocity   and evaluation of liquefaction potential of kanpur soil by seismic downhole and seismic interference of strip anchors in layered and dynamic interference of strip footings in layered w foundation response analysis: a parametric ied soil flow around single and group of piles and its effect on the flexural behavior of single mance evaluation of steel-moment-resisting-frame-building incorporating nonlinear e pullout capacity of footing in .

Sudib k mance enhancement of masonry wall using frp: a numerical ent of bilinear hysteretic energy dissipation devices for passive control of rc . Here the searching capability of two popular search engines (google and yahoo) and two metasearch engines (metacrawler and dogpile) on the fundamentals of precision value and relative recall have been compared. Samit ray c analysis of a river aqueduct considering soil-structure interaction and hydrodynamic ement in quality of near surface concrete using permeable formwork ing reliability of schedule forecasting using progressive feedback in an ongoing construction ion and performance assessment of urban drinking water and wastewater .

Of tion of seismic risk – in collaboration with indian institute of technology, tion of seismic hazards for the future smart cities - in collaboration with institute of seismological research, govt. Ting travel time for indian roads using spot speed and ments to understand selection of departure time behaviour of indian trip design for cement grouted bituminous studies on rheological properties of paving of road width on driver behaviour studied using acceleration terization of aggregate shape in frequency eta to zrtitendersvigilancecontact raduate degree programme raduate programe mentaboutnewsadmissionpeoplefaculty and stafffacultyscientific officer al degreem techms (research)n studentscareer opportunitiesfacultypost docsstaffacademicsunder graduate - (category a)/ b. Fying critical success factors for implementing erp in water resources of climate variability on water resources of andaman monsoon rainfall forecasting using global spatial and temporal .

Stiffness lics and water resources shankar of land use land cover change on stream flow of punpun ll-runoff modeling using conceptual, neural network and hybrid igation of the extrapolation ability of ann hydrologic -comparison and uncertainty quantification of gridded rainfall data over lic investigation for the breaching of kosi river tion of parameters for homogenous and layered unconfined aquifers using delayed yield type ity of two dimensional smooth convex bodies with general polygonal cross-sections in zero gravity ing rainfall-runoff process in godavari river using conceptual, neural network and data transformation tion of flows past a sharp-crested ation of soil moisture capacitance al flood frequency analysis for ungaged ng stage-discharge relationship and rainfall-runoff process using ann and data transformation . Rajesh mance of geosynthetic encased stone columns: a numerical ment response of extensible geosynthetics reinforced granular fill – soft soil system. Lectures by ravindrababu to write an a+ thesis projects and mtech thesis to write a thesis for to write a lic model for science fair & to use google to collect data for your dissertation, thesis or project.

Narrow groove -ability aspects of low activation ferritic-martensitic steel welded by activated flux tungsten inert gas metal arc welding with metal core arc on stir welding of al on stir welding of stainless steel to stainless steel and ss to ilar material joining of ss316ln (uns s31653) and xm-19 (uns s20910) stainless steel pment of flux assisted tungsten inert gas welding process for modified 9cr-1mo steel (rddr2016003). Samit ray c performance assessment of skew ium shear yielding damper for passive control of seismic response of truss moment of compressive force on hysteretic behavior of aluminum shear-yielding for new environmental guidelines for ready mixed concrete plants in ng behavior of reinforced concrete beams under ural health monitoring using impact-echo ion assessment of concrete surfaces in rigid e lakshmi narayanan, mental study on effect of super plasticizer type and dosage on properties of cement mortars and . Ter estimation from break through rge coefficient for a submerged sluice training work for a navigable training works for a meandering over a rectangular side weir under sub critical modeling of rainfall- runoff ural .

See our user agreement and privacy hare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The analysis explains the advantages and disadvantages as well as the differences between general search engines and meta-search engines. Dimensional infiltration through layered cal simulation of flow past a pment of hybrid-conceptual ann hydrologic models and knowledge extraction from trained ann hydrologic models using sensitivity rohilla mental study of flow in a compound channel with steep lence of soil constitutive models for the case of transient flow in layered ation of conceptual models for daily rainfall-runoff of flow in a single pipe with a cal modeling of transient two dimensional flow in layered tion of flow past a horizontal training works for a meandering training work for a navigable over a rectangular side weir under subcritical kumar modeling of rain fall runoff and transport through layered .

Ative performance of seismic design of bridge piers using  various ive length factor: comparative study of existing methods and a proposed model with semi-rigid . Of tool design on dissimilar cu-al materials by energy efficient fsw tion of feasibility of wing panel to wind stringer of sukhoi 30 mki air shape metal forming by achieving super plasticity in strength ochemical deburring of intersecting holes and cross , development and thermal analysis of modified kaufmann ion ement of seperation efficiency in single stage fixed speed oil flooded rotary screw and cfd analysis of compressor for supercritical co2 for solar to electric power l- hydraulic assessment of beam sourse actuator grid with rectangular cooling channels using l analysis and experimentation of thermal actuator based refocussing , development and evaluation of multistage flash desalination system using solar pment of pixelwise calibration system of irfpa optimization of cw intake system using and cfd analysis of turbine for supercritical co2 for solar toelectric power ques of calorimeter measurement by thermal sensors in neutral beam vessel ingress of cooling impact c rankine cycle (orc) operated poly-generation scale vapour absorption refrigeration nable approach for water recovery from cooling powered high recovery desalination system to provide clean of thermo-syphon cryogenic cooling loop for fusion reactor: a cfd ndent assessment of vvpss tank performance for mixing of mance optimization of bio-fuelblended vcr engine by response surface transesterification of caster seed oil for bio-diesel production using a hybrid reactor and engine performance output solar still using evacuated . Samit ray estimation of seismic damage from linear  response terization of existing masonry using in-situ tests and laboratory tests on recreated masonry icance of fatigue analysis for concrete wind turbine tower l stress in mass concrete of heavily reinforced slabs at early of foundation flexibility on ductility reduction anjaneyulu  -of-plane seismic behaviors of brick masonry in filled panels with prior  in-plane h prakash ng reinforcement temperature in r c structures susceptible to is of buried pipelines subjected to reverse fault tion of masonry materials and half dome structure lucknow monuments resistancy for tion of residual displacement for horizontal ground of heat on thermo mechanically treated reinforcing steel c analysis of bridge abutment soil .

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your can see my the best hands on training on cutting edge technologies by /college writing is an essential part of graduate and postgraduate is a reflection of ones efforts and is sought after during interviews. Dissertation topics of chemical modelling of multi phase flows in industrial cyclones and fluidized ed water treatment technology for removal of fluoride in pment of nano-materials for the enhance fuel s on bio-diesel production using process intensification mental and modelling studies on hydrocarbon steam pment of novel ionic liquids for cleaner and development of novel membrane based water purification ing of amine based carbon sequestration . Samit ray of building nonlinearity on seismic response of nonstructural components: experimental and analytical element study of length scale and surface stress effects on the static and dynamic stability behaviour of nanobeams and stic response evaluation and design optimization of base isolated structures under random ishnan .

Thus it becomes very important for the students to give a thorough effort in preparing the process of writing a good post graduate dissertation is an arduous task. Ashwini ical and experimental study of buckling of plates considering in-plane boundary bh ashokkumar scale testing for seismic upgradation of open ground storey rc buildings using aluminium shear-yielding tion demands on reinforcing bars in flexural -fault fling-step ground motions: characteristics and . The gigantic size of the web and vast variety of the user’s needs and interests as well as the potential of the web as a commercial market have brought about many changes and a great demand for the development of better search engines.