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Skryf يَكْتُب пиша escrever psát schreiben skrive γράφωescribir kirjutama نوشتن kirjoittaa écrire לִכתוֹב लिखना pisati (le)ír menulis skrifa scrivere 書く (글자, 단어 등을) 쓰다 rašyti rakstīt menulis schrijvenskrivepisać ليكل، انشاء كول، تاليف كول escrever a scrie писать písať (na)pisati pisati skriva เขียน yazı yazmak 寫 писати لکھنا viết 写2. Skryf يَكْتُبُ رِسالَةً пиша escrever napsat schreiben skrive γράφωescribir (kirja) kirjutama نوشتن؛ تحریر کردن kirjoittaa écrire לִכתוֹב पत्र लिखना और भेजना pisati, sastaviti (meg)ír menulis skrifa scrivere 手紙を書く (편지 등을) 쓰다 parašyti uzrakstīt; aizrakstīt menulis surat schrijvenskrivenapisać ليكل escrever a scrie, a compune написать napísať (na)pisati pisati skriva เขียนจดหมาย yazmak 寫信 написати خط لکھ کر بھیجنا viết thư 写信ˈwriter noun a person who writes, especially for a living.

Vt → scrivere; (list) → compilare; (certificate) → redigereshe wrote that she'd arrive soon → scrisse che sarebbe arrivata prestoto write sb a letter → scrivere una lettera a qnhe's just written another novel → ha appena scritto un altro romanzohow is his name written? Write sb a cheque → hacer un cheque a algn, extender un cheque a algn (more frm)to write a letter to sb; write sb a letter → escribir (una carta) a algnto write a note to/for sb → escribir una nota a algnto write sb a prescription; write a prescription for sb → hacer una receta a algnto have sth written all over one he had "policeman" written all over him → se le notaba a la legua que era policíahis guilt was written all over him → se le veía or notaba en la cara que era culpableyou're lying, it's written all over your face!

Skryfpapier وَرَق لِكِتابَة الرَّسائِل хартия за писма papel de carta dopisní papír das briefpapier skrivepapir χαρτί αλληλογραφίας papel de escribir, papel de carta kirjapaber کاغذ نوشتن kirjepaperi papier à lettres נְייָר כְּתִיבָה लिखने का कागज papir za pisanje levélpapír kertas tulis bréfsefni carta da lettere 便せん 필기 용지 rašomasis/laiškinis popierius rakstāmpapīrs; vēstuļu papīrs kertas tulis schrijfpapier brevpapirpapeteria, papier do pisania کاغذ papel de carta hârtie de scris писчая, почтовая бумага listový papier pisemski papir papir za pisanje pisama skrivpapper กระดาษสำหรับเขียนจดหมาย mektup/yazı kâğıdı 信紙 письмовий папір لکھنے کا کاغذ giấy viết thư 信纸write down to record in writing. Wrote down the addressbut j'ai noté l' in vi (= send a letter) (to organization, company) → écrire une lettreyou should write in and complain → vous devriez écrire une lettre de ré into vt septo write sth into a contract → faire figurer qch dans un contratwrite off vi (= send a letter) → écrireto write off for sth [+ information] → écrire pour demander qch; [+ goods] → écrire pour demander qch vt sep [+ debt] → faire une croix surhe had long since written off the money → il avait fait une croix sur cet argent depuis longtemps.

Hyphen, hyphenate - divide or connect with a hyphen; "hyphenate these words and names" - create code, write a computer program; "she writes code faster than anybody else"create by mental act, create mentally - create mentally and abstractly rather than with one's handswriteverb record, copy, scribble, take down, inscribe, set down, transcribe, jot down, put in writing, commit to paper, indite, put down in black and white write your name and address at the top of the page. If it becomes apparent that the purchased asset no longer has the value recorded in the goodwill account (i.

Pm ist0commentsif the cibil report shows a "settled" or "written off" status then it may get difficult for the individual to obtain a loan. This is a detrimental status for the approval of your loan or credit card applications as the lender may not want to provide a loan or credit card to someone who has not paid dues on past loans or credit cards.

What is more,There is a special treat for edubirdie’s clients: you can easily track – in other words, you may see how it is being fulfilled! To write something to disk → etw auf diskette schreiben; it is written that … (old) → es steht geschrieben, dass …; writ(ten) large (fig) → verdeutlicht; (= on a larger scale) → im großen; it was written all over his face → es stand ihm im or auf dem gesicht geschrieben; he had “policeman” written all over him → man sah ihm den polizisten schon von weitem an ?

It is important to understand that though there will be no impact of the "settlement" flag on your cibil transunion score, your credit history will show a "settled" status in your cibil report and there will be days-past-due reflecting on the report since the payment on the loan has not been timely. Shorthand (insur) policy → abschließen cd, dvd → brennen vi → schreiben; as i write … → während ich dies schreibe, …; to write to somebody → jdm schreiben; we write to each other → wir schreiben uns; i wrote to him to come → ich habe ihm geschrieben, er solle kommen or dass er kommen solle; that’s nothing to write home about (inf) → das ist nichts weltbewegendes; i’ll write for it at once → ich bestelle es sofort, ich fordere es gleich an; he has always wanted to write → er wollte immer (ein) schriftsteller werdenwrite: write-in n (us) → stimmabgabe f → für einen nicht in der liste aufgeführten kandidaten write-off n (= car etc) → totalschaden m; (inf: = holiday, picnic etc) → katastrophe f (inf) (comm) → abschreibung fwrite [raɪt] (wrote (pt) (written (pp)))1.

To compose a letter, email, or other written communication: please write while you are l verbs: write down1. A write-off is a type of deduction, and in some cases, the words may be used interchangeably.

To produce written material, such as articles or books: she wrote for most of her adult life. Asks hcindia's image of 'written off' economy changed in 17 months: pm narendra modicommentsadd your around the web baby needs an urgent heart surgery to live!

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Because the lending institution is taking a loss, a status of "settled" may be considered potentially negative and detrimental to the chances of loan approval. Review) → escribir una reseña de, escribir una crítica dewrite [ˈraɪt] [wrote] (pt) [written] (pp) vt [+ word, name, address] → écrireshe took a card out and wrote an address on it → elle sortit une carte et écrivit une adresse dessus.

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Wasted time)today was a complete write-off → ça a été une journée de perdue, aujourd'-protect [ˌraɪtprəˈtɛkt] vt → protéger contre l'écriturewrite pret ptp vt (also comput) → schreiben; cheque, copy → ausstellen; notes → sich (dat) → aufschreiben, sich (dat) → machen; application form → ausfüllen; he wrote me a letter → er schrieb mir einen brief; he wrote himself a note so that he wouldn’t forget → er machte sich (dat) → eine notiz, um sich zu erinnern; he wrote five pages → er schrieb fünf seiten voll; print your name, don’t write it → schreiben sie ihren namen in druckschrift, nicht in schreibschrift; how is that written? After closing a loan it is important to obtain a no dues certificate (ndc) from the lender, banks issue a no due certificate (ndc) or closure letter while closing loans stating that the loan stands closed and then report it as "closed" on your cibil report.