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I believe that i have an appropriate level of expertise to confirm that it is of an acceptable scientific es from f1000research are provided here courtesy of f1000 research s:article | pubreader | epub (beta) | pdf (1. Such an approach would fail as the attribution of patients to each poseidon group is related to specific requirements and could only be made prospectively.

This  greek mythology, a giant of libya, the son of the sea god poseidon and the earth goddess gaea. Consequently, the poseidon stratification should not be applied for retrospective analyses having live birth rate (lbr) as endpoint.

Various ordinary mortals also claimed poseidon as their father, including the famous greek hero theseus*. The erechtheum is built on the northern end of the acropolis of athens, and is believed to be the location where athena and poseidon fought for the authority of the city.

Combined with his greed, he had a series of disputes with other gods during his various attempts to take over the cities they were patrons of war iii- poseidon of war iii- poseidon of war iii- poseidon poseidon pictures >. 1) odysseus leaves for war in troy and has trouble coming back, because poseidon is upset with odysseus.

The romans, ignoring his other aspects, identified him with neptune as sea rite and poseidon in a chariot drawn by tritons, detail of a frieze from an altar in the …giraudon/art resource, new more in these related articles:Middle eastern religion: views of man and society... Zeus received the sky, hades ruled the underworld, and poseidon became god of the god or t three-pronged spear, similar to a one of a family of giants who ruled the earth until overthrown by the greek gods of orld land of the gh zeus was king of the gods, poseidon often asserted his independence.

The poseidon group is making a sincere effort to introduce a more specific and higher resolution set of criteria in an attempt to guide the physician to most optimally manage this group of patients (. The story of poseidon (roman - neptune) poseidon was the ruler of the sea, and a powerful god in greek mythology who was often called the "earth-shaker.

Another name for poseidon was hippios (lord of horses), and the god presented horses as gifts to various on rode the waves in a swift chariot drawn by golden sea horses. Four groups of ‘low prognosis patients’ in assisted reproductive technology according to the poseidon’s stratification based on oocyte quantity and ing its publication earlier this year (.

Percy jackson also goes to poseidons palace which his huge and has lots of scenery. Since age is perhaps the most important criterion for oocyte quality, embryo ploidy and therefore also prognosis, it is now used as a major criterion in the poseidon stratification, with 35 years being the age cut-off used.

The poseidon group also introduced a new measure for successful art treatment, namely, the ability to retrieve the number of oocytes needed for the specific patient to obtain at least one euploid embryo for transfer. As a result, the age-related embryo aneuploidy rate dramatically changes the prognosis of women with the same oocyte yield as well as those with different oocyte , and most importantly we wish to stress the new poseidon marker of successful outcome, i.

Directed by wolfgang petersen, is an action-packed adventure thriller that is loosely the remake of the 1970s movie the poseidon adventure. Ubaldi (italy), and peter humaidan (denmark)] with long-standing clinical and/or research experience, the poseidon group in an opening paper proposed a new stratification to classify infertility patients with a reduced ovarian reserve or unexpected inappropriate ovarian response to exogenous gonadotropins (.

Status: novel poseidon stratification of ‘low prognosis patients in assisted reproductive technology’ and its proposed marker of successful outcome f1000 research the premise of this opinion article was to expand the discussion on the poseidon stratification system, including new and important information about this new concept. Odysseus masters certain gods like athena and calypso, but he fails to even be friendly with other gods like poseidon.

When i began this research i could not have possibly understood the relevance this piece had on the art that was yet to come. The roles of the gods in the odyssey are through two major gods and they affect the plot as poseidon versus odysseus and athena versus telemachus....

As an example, from an existing database (pre-poseidon) one might analyze the lbr of women >=35 years with low ovarian reserve (i. Cyclops prays to his father “hear me –poseidon, god of the sea-blue man who rocks the earth!

A large amount of research has established antral follicle count (afc) and anti-müllerian hormone (amh) as the most reliable and accurate ovarian reserve tests (ort) in predicting ovarian response. The piece of “head of poseidon” from mfah (museum of fine art houston) itself is an olympian god of the sea known as (greek mythology) that greek believed in the power of gods and goddesses as part of the role and purpose of it created.

He was saved by his brother zeus*, who tricked cronus into taking a potion that caused him to vomit up poseidon and the other siblings—hades*, demeter*, hera*, and hestia. Poseidon fell in love with a mortal woman and built her a home in the middle of the island and surrounded it with water and land to keep her protected (“lost civilization:the story of atlantis”)....