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Furthermore, another issue when reducing the size of power devices is ensuring the thermal feasibility of the downsized devices. Scheme of resonant forward-flyback converter with suppressed frequency oct 30 00:00:00 edt 2017 mon oct 30 00:00:00 edt ing practical design issues in a single-phase grid-connected gan-fet based differential-mode oct 30 00:00:00 edt 2017 mon oct 30 00:00:00 edt nt current/voltage charging operation for series-series and series-parallel compensated wireless power transfer systems employing primary-side oct 27 00:00:00 edt 2017 fri oct 27 00:00:00 edt all latest ew of dual-active-bridge isolated bidirectional dc–dc converter for high-frequency-link power-conversion mar 26 00:00:00 edt 2014 wed mar 26 00:00:00 edt -up dc–dc converters: a comprehensive review of voltage-boosting techniques, topologies, and aug 03 00:00:00 edt 2017 thu aug 03 00:00:00 edt l of power converters in ac jun 20 00:00:00 edt 2012 wed jun 20 00:00:00 edt of battery charger topologies, charging power levels, and infrastructure for plug-in electric and hybrid nov 22 00:00:00 est 2012 thu nov 22 00:00:00 est ion, control, and applications of the modular multilevel converter: a aug 26 00:00:00 edt 2014 tue aug 26 00:00:00 edt all popular sion author digital your transactions on transportation journal of emerging and selected topics in power power electronics in with personal account required for ew of dual-active-bridge isolated bidirectional dc–dc converter for high-frequency-link power-conversion ation year: 2014, page(s):4091 - -frequency-link (hfl) power conversion systems (pcss) are attracting more and more attentions in academia and industry for high power density, reduced weight, and low noise without compromising efficiency, cost, and reliability.

Power electronics appears to be a much more complex case, functioning as an enabling technology spanning an enormous range of power levels, functions and applications. Perreault, “two-stage power conversion architecture for an led driver circuit,” 2013 ieee applied power electronics conference, pp.

With more than 70% of electricity processed through power electronics, recent research endeavors to improve the reliability of power electronic systems to comply with more stringent constraints on cost, safety, and availability in various applications. Furthermore the loss of power devices (insulated gate bipolar transistors (igbts) and diodes) used in the pcu must be reduced since this amounts to approximately 20% of the total electrical loss in an hv.

Perreault, “new architectures for radio-frequency dc/dc power conversion,” 2004 ieee power electronics specialists conference, aachen, germany, june 2004, pp. Celanovic, “low-power maximum power point tracker with digital control for thermophotovoltaic generators,” 2010 ieee applied power electronics conference, pp.

Perreault, “merged two-stage power converter with soft-charging switched-capacitor stage in 180 nm cmos,” ieee journal of solid-state circuits, vol. Kw/dm3 on-board power electronics for 50 kw/85 khz automotive ipt ation year: 2017, page(s):419 - ive power transfer (ipt) is widely discussed for the automated opportunity charging of plug-in hybrid and electric public transport buses without moving mechanical components and reduced maintenance requirements.

Perreault, “high-frequency resonant sepic converter with wide input and output voltage ranges,” 2008 ieee power electronics specialists conference, june 2008, pp. Perreault, “a very high frequency dc-dc converter based on a phi-2 resonant inverter,” 2008 ieee power electronics specialists conference, june 2008, pp.

Use of wide-band gap devices, such as silicon carbide (sic) and gallium nitride (gan) devices, in power electronic converters is expected to reduce the device losses and need for extensive thermal management systems in power converters, as well as facilitate high-frequency operation, thereby reducing the passive component sizes and increasing the power density. The traditional power systems are changing globally, a large number of dispersed generation (dg) units, including both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources such as wind turbines, photovoltaic (pv) generators, fuel ...

Submit your ibe to this ted power supply for gate drivers up to 40kv for mvdc zation of the hvdc auto transformer by using hybrid mmc is for step-size optimisation on mppt algorithm for photovoltaic the output characteristic of photovoltaic arrays is a non-linear function of external environment, the step-size of maximum power point tracking (mppt) algorithm should be regulated dynamically to improve the mppt efficiency. About this journaleditorial boardnotes for ed power semiconductor devices modelling, simulation, analysis, design and implementations of the application of power circuit components (power semiconductors, inductors, high frequency transformers, capacitors) inverters, converters, controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers control algorithms and techniques applied to power electronics electromagnetic and thermal performance of electronic power converters and inverters applications in motor drives, wind energy systems, solar, battery chargers, ups and hybrid systems low power electronics emi/emc considerations more on this journal...

It also provides the device simulation to allow for the application testing before the actual devices are available and the requirements for the various devices are gate control methods to reduce electrical power losses of hybrid osanai, masaki wasekura, hideo yamawaki, yusuke ct reducing the loss of the power control unit (pcu) in a hybrid vehicle (hv) is an important part of improving hv fuel efficiency. Perreault, “design methodology for a very high frequency resonant boost converter,” 2010 international power electronics conference, pp.

While most of the microgrids adopt ac distribution as well as conventional power systems, dc microgrids are proposed and researched for the good connection with dc output type sources such as photovoltaic (pv) system, fuel cell, and secondary battery. Included are power converters, adjustable speed drives, , power quality and utility applications, control, power devices and components, power ion, and other applications.

Hence the diversified demands and faults from grid sides bring more intense thermal fatigue to the power modules. Perreault, “applicability and limitations of an m2spice-assisted ‘planar-magnetics-in-the-circuit’ simulation approach,” 2016 ieee applied power electronics conference, march 2016.

They are arguably originated due to interactions between the mmc and the wind power inverters. Characters scope of the journal encompasses selected topics and emerging technologies in power electronics, including components, systems, and processes used in solid-state energy conversion and applications in energy conservation and efficiency.

Review of passive power filters for three-phase grid-connected voltage-source may 20 00:00:00 edt 2017 sat may 20 00:00:00 edt y-side power flow control of wireless power transfer for electric vehicle may 20 00:00:00 edt 2017 sat may 20 00:00:00 edt trends in inductive power transfer for transportation jul 03 00:00:00 edt 2013 wed jul 03 00:00:00 edt all popular sion author digital your staff manager and distinguished engineer at op grumman corporation one about this transactions on transportation transactions on power power electronics in with personal account required for ss power transfer for electric vehicle ation year: 2015, page(s):4 - ss power transfer (wpt) using magnetic resonance is the technology which could set human free from the annoying wires. Kassakian, “effects of firing angle imbalance on 12-pulse rectifiers with interphase transformers,” ieee power electronics specialists conference record, seattle, wa, june 1993, pp.

Charger systems are categorized into off-board and on-board types with unidirectional or bidirectional power flow. Review of passive power filters for three-phase grid-connected voltage-source ation year: 2016, page(s):54 - order to reduce size and cost, high-order passive filters are generally preferred in power converters to cancel out high-frequency harmonics caused by pulsewidth modulation.

By integrating these models into continuous and discrete co-simulation, the power window control system was analyzed in detail from the microscopic command execution of the microcontroller to the macroscopic motion of the window mechanism ing internet of things solutions using a visual rad cloud palachi, fariz saracevic, amit ct connected vehicles provide suppliers and oems new opportunities to improve their customer experience and offer new services. Perreault, “control and design of lossless multi-way power combining and outphasing systems,” (invited), 2011 ieee midwest symposium on circuits and systems, pp.