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We studied 6 technology-supported programs—video outpatient consultations, global positioning system tracking for cognitive impairment, pendant alarm services, remote biomarker monitoring for heart failure, care organizing software, and integrated case management via data sharing—using longitudinal ethnography and action research for up to 3 years across more than 20 organizations. Band internet of things: simulation and ation year: 2017, page(s):As a new type of low power wide area technology, the narrow band internet of things (nb-iot) technology supports wide coverage and low bitrate services, thus it has a great potential to be the future commercial technology of low power wide area network (lpwan).

Research paper about internet

Characterization of mobile iot application ation year: 2017, page(s):1082 - internet of things (iot) emerges as a myriad of devices and services that interact to build complex distributed applications. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our privacy , you need to enable javascript for this page to function l of medical internet leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine, and health & healthcare in the internet our readers and authors are saying:This theme's latest ed jmir sister theme's latest submission open for ing pitfalls of online consumer health information use and potential preventive strategies: a qualitative ound: there has been an exponential increase in the general population's usage of the internet, and of information accessibility; the current demand for online consumer health information (ochi) is unprecedented.

Design and tracking for iot-based energy management in smart ation year: 2017, page(s):The advent of the internet of things (iot) and its innumerous applications for smart cities emphasizes the need for context-aware systems able to adapt behavior automatically to instant environment conditions. Older adults with a positive attitude toward the internet with regard to increasing employment opportunities (or 2.

As a result of rapid development of sensing technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensors and the convergence of information technologies such as wireless communication and internet, iot is emerging as an important technology for monitoring sys... Objective: the objectives of this study were to (1) conduct a systematic search of the published literature and the internet for web-based tools for text-based communication between patients and providers; (2) map tool characteristics, their intended use, contexts in which they were used, and by whom; (3) describe the nature of their evaluation; and (4) understand the terminology used to describe the tools.

Conclusions: while homeless youth experience changes in the frequency, amount of time, and specific uses of the internet and social media, study participants were able to access the internet regularly. The impact factor of the journal of medical internet research has risen to an unprecedented impact factor of 5.

The most common reason for internet withdrawal was “psychological barriers” (eg, no available time, no meaningful use, or nothing worth reading/watching; 66. In this paper, we propose long-term evolution (lte)-v as a systematic and integrated v2x solution based on time-division lte (td-lte) 4g.

Methods: the study had 2 parallel components: (1) secondary research (hermeneutic systematic review) to identify key domains, and (2) empirical case studies of technology implementation to explore, test, and refine these domains. Based on a critical review process, we propose a typology with key initiatives to address the knowledge gap in the use of social media for research on prescription drug abuse and addiction.

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Government ch paper to write a research paper to write a great research paper 34 to write a great research paper from ms. This paper first provides a functional framework that identifies the acquisition, management, processing and mining areas of iot big data, ...

Retrospective administrative medical and pharmacy claims data from the healthcore integrated research environment (hire) were used for outcome variables. In 1962, before the internet was even conceived, marshall mcluhan — ;famous for his phrase, "the medium is the message" — ;described the gutenberg-galaxy, a concept which describes a state in which the world is shrunk down to a global village as people's minds are transformed by the invention of the printing press.

In the long run, however, the public sphere itself will be transformed and open up to a variety of constructive debates and internet has also enabled new forms of self-expression. This will likely change how future generations will think about intellectual property and copyrights internet certainly has created new means of social interaction, greatly impacting the political field.

For example, in the united states 81 out of every 100 people have access to the internet; iceland has the highest rate, with 95 of every one hundred having access. Objective: we used topic modeling and sentiment analysis techniques on lynch syndrome-related tweets to answer the following research questions: 1) what are the popular topics in laypeople’s discussions?

Given the importance of smartphones in accessing the internet, mobile-optimized websites may be an effective method for reach this is currently an issue with the citation download feature. Health monitoring framework based on internet of things: a ation year: 2017, page(s):619 - et of things (iot) has recently received a great attention due to its potential and capacity to be integrated into any complex system.

Localization for bistatic passive uhf rfid systems with 3-d radiation ation year: 2017, page(s):905 - e radio-frequency identification (rfid) systems carry critical importance for internet of things (iot) applications due to their energy harvesting capabilities. Conclusions: researchers can build on the findings, strengths, and limitations of the work identified in this literature review to bolster development, testing, and implementation of novel visualization dashboard solutions.

The current generation of children and teenagers is being raised in a world in which music and movies can be downloaded for free from some source on the internet. Future research can focus on the implementation and effectiveness of the proposed strategies, which might contribute to prevent and decrease these ing an intensive care unit visualization dashboard: an integrative literature submitted: nov 1, peer review period: nov 1, 2017 - dec 27, ound: intensive care units (icus) in the united states admit more than 5.