Research paper on green building

The term green building refers to the quality and characteristics of the actual structure created using the principles and methodologies of sustainable construction. 2010) these achieved and sustained levels being mentioned highlight the main advantages of green buildings from that of the other usual building construction.

Studies show that a well-installed green roof can reduce roofing waste of about 80 to 90 percent over its lifetime. The green building movement is the response of the construction industry to the environmental and resource impacts of the built environment.

Concentration of 16s rrna and opportunistic pathogen genus level genetic markers were 1–4 orders of magnitude higher in green versus conventional buildings. Chlorine and chloramine residuals were often completely absent in the green building systems, decaying up to 144 times faster in premise plumbing with high water age when compared to distribution system water.

This study raises concerns with respect to current green water system practices and the importance of considering potential public health impacts in the design of sustainable water article is part of the themed collections:Editors' choice, environmental science: water research & technology 2016 most downloaded articles and open access articles recently published in environmental science: water research & to tab ad options please wait... There are owners who are responsible for the safety and other precautionary measures of buildings.

People all over the world have been working on saving our mother earth through introducing eco-friendly ideas starting with buildings. The availability of the construction site is somewhat a big problem that may hinder the promotion of green building construction.

2011) researches were done to further understand the methods of construction and the implications of green buildings to the environment. Dialogthis title now requires a credituse one of your book credits to continue reading from where you left off, or restart the t buildings research paperuploaded by roca ramosrelated interestsgreen buildingsustainable architectureleadership in energy and environmental designsustainabilityrecyclingrating and stats0.

0)document actionsdownloadshare or embed documentembedview morecopyright: attribution non-commercial (by-nc)download as docx, pdf, txt or read online from scribdflag for inappropriate contenta need of green buildings in the philippinesa research paper presented to ms. 2010) most of the effects of the buildings are contributed by the used contrast to this.

De jesus also mentioned that accreditations are voluntary although everybody should consider the benefits that come along with the green building. Materials from demolished buildings may still be used because this will reduce the waste generation.

We have discussed the details that are often asked about what a green building is. We are to consider the design of the building that will provide a healthy surrounding for its occupants.

The evaluations included the measured energy performance of each building which illustrated the better performance of the buildings up to 40 percent than the average. 2008) there are many levels on how a green building respects its environment as to what the urban land institute (uli) has affirmed.

The first to be considered is the high initial cost and the second one is the chance of having demands from tenants for the features of the building. It incorporates natural indoor areas and natural building features such as landscaped roofs and mini gardens.

Carmelito paper claims that green building is more preferable to construct and to be experienced than the usual constructed buildings for us to have a healthy environment that brings up a healthy ved from http://papers. This kind of eco-friendly building is effective in decreasing the rate of pollution and in increasing many means of improvement to human beings and to the environment as well.

He also said that while considering the factors to evaluate a roofing system of a building. Most of the research projects came up with benefits that are usually applied in urban areas.

The benefits of experiencing the features of the said building and the sustainable design of its construction are also discussed in this paper. Buildings research paperuploaded by roca ramosrelated interestsgreen buildingsustainable architectureleadership in energy and environmental designsustainabilityrecyclingrating and stats0.

Which combines the process of creating the building and facilities as well as being the guide for future projects. Was limited to buildings whose height did not exceed 20 the situation for rc construction was basically unchanged.