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The extant literature on the subject of work-life balance tends to make numbers of assumptions and one of those is that improving an organization’s work-life balance leads not only to greater productivity but to greater company loyalty and low level of intent to leave the organization (moore, 2007). Expressionbiosystemsdatabase of genotypes and phenotypes (dbgap)e-utilitiesgenegene expression omnibus (geo) database gene expression omnibus (geo) datasetsgene expression omnibus (geo) profilesgenome workbenchhomologenemap vieweronline mendelian inheritance in man (omim)refseqgeneunigeneall genes & expression resources...

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Work life balance has always been a concern of those interested in the quality of working life and its relation to broader quality of life (guest, 2002). Researchers also discovered that men whose spouse is working are 3 to 4% less likely to retire and significantly more likely to keep working part-time.

The study found that the respondents have to travel a few hours only in order to reach their work place and home from the workplace. Deery, m 2008, talent management, work-life balance and retention strategies, international journal of contemporary hospitality management, vol.

When asked whether the respondents miss out quality time from families because of work their responses have been found to be no-7 do you miss out quality time from families because of ses never rarely sometimes often always total no of respondents 12 08 40 10 06 76 percentage 15. Catalyst, a research firm focused on women in business, uses the phrase work-life effectiveness, and suggests striving for a situation where work fits with other aspects of your life.

Continuing to work could also let you keep funding your employer’s retirement account and earn money on it. Baron, rm & kenny, da 1986, the moderator-mediator variable distinction in social psychological research: conceptual, strategic and statistical considerations, journal of personality and social psychology, vol.

Table no-2 number of days engaged in official works in a week no of days 5 days 6 days 7 days total no of academics 06 68 02 76 percentage 7. The term work-life balance implies that one dedicates an equal portion of time to work and life.

This was described as “a critical pull factor” for covered by an employer’s health plan increased women’s probability of continuing to work full-time by 8. If the people working in education sector do not have a balance work-life, it may be harmful for all the sectors.

Ys and paid time offs job sharing time off for family engagement two tables given below have shown some items and aspects help and hinder the work life and family commitment of the academics covered by the no-10 items & aspects help in balancing the work & family & aspects working from home technology like cell phones and laptops being able to bring children to work on occasion support from colleagues at work support from family members total no of academics 22 04 04 22 24 76 percentage 28. In order to manage stress of works and other affairs the respondents resort to various methods and these are given in the following -8 how do you manage your ty yoga and meditation entertainment music others (sports etc.

We focused on how important are working conditions to people in thinking about the jobs they want to do and whether or not they want to continue working,” said kathleen j. Staying on the job longer depends on these types of job attributes that transcend money, the researchers example, a switch from a physically demanding job to one requiring only moderate physical activity is equivalent to a 20% wage increase, overall, according to the researchers.

Researchers jeffrey greenhaus and gary powell expand on this concept and recommend that work and personal life should be allies and that participation in multiple roles, such as parent, partner, friend, employee, can actually enhance physical and psychological well-being — especially when all of the roles are high quality and managed a mayer, ceo of yahoo, came under scrutiny when she returned to work soon after the birth of her son. That’s where the findings of the research report, the value of working conditions in the united states, come into play.

It is noteworthy that a large number of the respondents do not feel depressed for work and a few fell depressed rarely and the equal number of respondents feels depressed and tired sometime only. Defining the concept of wlb is a complex task, as it can be viewed from the meaning of ‘work’, ‘life’ and ‘balance’ (deery, 2008).

Job factors for older second paper that caught my attention studied a colossal stumbling block for continuing to work at older ages: a palpable frustration with , it not only takes workers over 50 longer to land a job than younger people, but the jobs they’re offered tend to be for less pay than they made in their previous positions. Related finding from this report: a lack of work/life balance is “more likely to induce females than males to actually retire.

By doing so, you will gain valuable perspective and, perhaps, buy-in to your work and life goals. Ryan smith, co-founder of qualtrics, manages his success by doing the following: “each week, i examine the categories of my life — father, husband, ceo, self — and identify the specific actions that help me feel successful and fulfilled in these capacities.

The knowledge workers having work-life balance can show wonderful results which can be shared by everybody and every section of the nces and bibliography:Ahmad, rh 1998, educational development and reformation in malaysia: past, present and future, journal of educational administration, vol. As smith suggests, consider sharing your priorities and ideas of success with important stakeholders in your life.

The above analysis it is clear that the academics have to work for a normal working hours which is neither long nor short. Noor, s & maad, n 2008, examining the relationship between work life conflict, stress and turnover intentions.