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Million dollars have been provided to support important lupus research lupus initiative is a national health provider education program on lupus operated jointly by the department of health and human services office of minority health, office on women’s health, and the u. Research uk epidemiology unit, institute of inflammation and repair, the university of manchester, and nihr manchester musculoskeletal biomedical research unit, central manchester university hospitals nhs foundation trust, manchester academic health science centre, manchester, uk. Manuscripts of sufficient quality that meet the aims and scope of lupus will be are no fees payable to submit or publish in this part of the submission process you will be required to warrant that you are submitting your original work, that you have the rights in the work, that you are submitting the work for first publication in the journal and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere and has not already been published elsewhere, and that you have obtained and can supply all necessary permissions for the reproduction of any copyright works not owned by do we publish?

The equator wizard can help you identify the appropriate resources can be found at nlm’s research reporting guidelines and acknowledges the importance of research data availability as an integral part of the research and verification process for academic journal requests all authors submitting any primary data used in their research articles [alongside their article submissions to be published in the online version of the journal, or provide detailed information in their articles on how the data can be obtained. See our timeline documenting critical efforts to secure a dedicated research line for lupus within the reviewed medical research addition to our longstanding efforts to secure a specific lupus-focused research program within the department of defense, in fiscal year 2005, foundation efforts resulted in lupus being listed as a disease area eligible for research funding through the peer reviewed medical research program (prmrp). Original research articles should be limited to no more than 4,000 words, 50 references and 6 tables and/or figures.

It should be written in a style that conveys the essential message of the paper in abbreviated introduction should assume that the reader is knowledgeable in the field and should therefore be as brief as the materials and methods section, methods that have been published in detail elsewhere should not be described in detail. Make your article writing up your paper, think about how you can make it discoverable. Association of antibodies against phospholipids with heart valve disease in systemic lupus erythematosus (submitted for publication).

Commentshow to join pubmed commonshow to cite this comment:Ncbi > literature > l > lupus cting / sion only fully peer-reviewed international journal devoted exclusively to lupus (and related disease) includes the most promising new clinical and laboratory-based studies from leading specialists in all lupus-related able reading, with extended coverage, lupus-related disciplines include:Cardiovascular g international specialists present their findings on lupus, in one outstanding laura thomas' hospital, thomas' hospital, sity college london, thomas' hospital, university of alabama at birmingham, al institute of cardiology, do university graduate school of medicine, sity of pisa, sity of crete, york university, ai second medical college, sity of florida, sity of milan, university of medical science, sity of utrecht, sity of padova, mpton general hospital, l medical college, tock seng hospital, sity of calgary, sity of california, los angeles, sie university, sity of the west indies, sity of cincinnati, ic university of louvain, thomas' hospital, uk. When a person has systemic lupus erythematosus, the immune system cannot differentiate between antigens and healthy tissue, and begins to direct antibodies against the healthy tissue, causing swelling, pain, and tissue vast majority of patients with lupus, some 70 percent, have symptoms on the skin. Examples of data types include but are not limited to statistical data files, replication code, text files, audio files, images, videos, appendices, and additional charts and graphs necessary to understand the original research.

References should follow the vancouver format, listed (double-spaced) in numerical order corresponding to the order of citation in the authors should be quoted for papers with up to six authors; for papers with more than six authors, the first three only should be quoted followed by et issue numbers should be quoted. In addition to original papers, the journal also publishes editorials, reports, and ials editorials are solicited by the editor but suggestions for such material will be very rounds cases the purpose of a grand rounds submission is to educate the reader about one or more facets related to the disease lupus or of an autoimmune disease which is related to lupus. This study, being conducted under the direction of the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc), includes almost all forms of lupus and all population subgroups at high risk for developing the autoimmune disease.

Also encouraged are data on biopsies with illustrative materials if sion - the discussion should be a focused presentation of theory and/or pathogenetic data regarding the diagnosis - this should be only one sentence which gives the final e reports these should be short investigative papers and reports organised in the same way as full-length manuscripts but which contain 2000 words or less, with no more than 3 figures or tables and up to 15 reports the editor will consider for publication case reports that illustrate points not previously reported in the literature. Epub ahead of print]a study of flare assessment in systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) based on paper rg d1, sturgess j2, allen e2, aranow c3, askanase a4, sang-cheol b5, bernatsky s6, bruce i7, buyon j8, cervera r9, clarke a10, dooley ma11, fortin p12, ginzler e13, gladman d14, hanly j15, inanc m16, jacobsen s17, kamen d18, khamashta m19, lim s20, manzi s21, nived o22, peschken c23, petri m24, kalunian k25, rahman a1, ramsey-goldman r26, ruiz-irastorza g27, sanchez-guerrero j28, steinsson k29, sturfelt g22, urowitz m14, van vollenhoven r30, wallace dj31, zoma a32, merrill j33, gordon information1centre for rheumatology, university college london, london, uk. You can help disseminate your paper and ensure it is as widely read and cited as possible.

Because the disease is an autoimmune disorder, researchers speculate that lupus is caused primarily by a genetic mutation, although there is currently no concrete evidence to support this the body begins to generate antigens that slowly deteriorate the body’s essential tissues, patients typically report a host of symptoms including:In severe cases, life-threatening kidney and blood-clotting e reporting these symptoms to their physicians, however, an author notes that a diagnosis of lupus may take years because early symptoms of the disease are similar to symptoms associated with the flu—i. Beginning in 2003, the foundation pioneered efforts to create a lupus-specific congressionally directed medical research program (cdmrp) through the dod. The editor will consider for publication all suitable papers dealing directly or indirectly with lupus or related diseases.

Program, centre for prognosis studies in the rheumatic disease and krembil research institute, toronto western hospital, university of toronto, toronto, ontario, canada. Lupus can affect the skin, the joints, the kidneys, the brain, and other bodily organs. Researchers don’t know why, nor do they know what causes it in the first place”.

Ultimately, lupus is incurable, but it is d research paper system diseases research papers examine the diseases that effect the structures in the body that process and fight off mune disease symptoms research papers discuss the disease that couses an abnormal response in the body's immune system to various substances or tissues that are normally found in the of lupus research papers investigate systemic lupus, and drug induced mune disease symptoms research papers discuss the disease that couses an abnormal response in the body's immune system to various substances or tissues that are normally found in the to write a research paper on systemic lupus page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. Through the foundation’s testimony before a key senate committee and the development of a comprehensive evidence-based white paper, lupus and the military, we demonstrated to congress that lupus is a disease that is relevant to our warfighters. Please visit the funding acknowledgements page on the sage journal author gateway to confirm the format of the acknowledgment text in the event of funding, or state that: this research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.

There is no specific cause of systemic lupus erythematosus, but it is believed to be caused by some combination of genetics and environmental ic lupus erythematosus cannot be prevented, but its consequences can be, with treatment involving the preventing of flare-ups plus reducing their severity and duration when they do occur. The number of case reports published in lupus will be strictly s to the editor letters to the editor are encouraged. Have paper masters custom write your lupus research the fact that lupus is a disease that is not a disease that is not extensively acknowledged by public health officials, the most pertinent question that most individuals have when first hearing about the disease is, what is lupus.