Literature review on childhood obesity

The social and cations of childhood obesity include low self- esteem and bullying, behavior ng problems, and depression (mayo clinic staff). Viewing has been proven to be a significant factor in childhood obesity, since viewing during childhood years could have lasting effects on lifestyle later in life (hancos et al.

Review of literature on childhood obesity

Ccropp was administered rnia state university fresno’s central california center for health and es under the oversight of the central california public health is funded by the james irvine foundation, the robert wood tion, and the california central california regional obesity prevention program was designed s the social determinants that contribute to the high rates of childhood obesity related illnesses in the san joaquin valley region of california. In addition, the ghts the importance of active planning in areas where obesity rates are higher levels are lower (day, 2006).

Research by the milken institute the leading risk factor of chronic disease is obesity (devol, bedroussian, charuworn,Chatterjee, kim, & klowden, 2007). Pathways: a school-based, randomized controlled trial for the prevention of obesity in american indian schoolchildren.

The search strategy was refined and candidate studies identified by searching pubmed (restricted to reviews), cochrane and the department of health (dh) library catalogue. It has been shown that children that are obese at the age of four have a twenty percent possibility of developing adult obesity and those who are overweight during adolescence increase their risk of developing adult obesity to eighty percent.

Additional studies were found in reference lists of relevant articles, in recently published medical journals and in other review 1 - strategies used to search the literature on preventing obesity in children and table to find studies related to health economics, the nhseed (nhs economic evaluation database) and pubmed databases were searched using the search terms 'obesity' and 'overweight' in combination with 'prevent' (using various suffixes). There are limitations to the study given lack of information on other risk factors for obesity, including diet (once children began eating food), parental weight and physical -suwan et al.

Spence believes that a trial for one year would undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on obesity, fitness and conduct tion of childhood obesity can begin prior to conception. Obesity related chronic illnesses make up 75% of total annual in the untied states (chatterjee, kubendran, king, & devol, 2014).

Only one percent of obesity is due a hormonal cause (nieman, 2004), that is, mutations that lead to altered secretion of hormones or hormonal action. The economic effects of obesity spill over to the rest of y, primarily in the form of higher health care costs and reduced tivity.

The , and reduced economic productivity associated with obesity represent a ic cost for our nation. The college of health and human services rnia state university fresno, teamed with the central california public rship to identify the need for intervention in the obesity epidemic of the of california.

Limitations of this review shows that the overall quality of studies is poor, there is no consistent research theme, inconsistent results across studies and compared with clinical decision-making where the evidence base is dominated by rcts with high internal validity, the evidence base for child obesity prevention is poor. View largearmstrong and reilly8 tested the hypothesis that breastfeeding is associated with a reduced risk of child obesity in a large, well-conducted cohort study in scotland, using a population-based sample of 32 000 children.

The findings in this review support the recommendations in the national institute for health and clinical excellence (nice) guidelines on ood obesity obesity will continue to be a problem without improved understanding of key factors operative during early childhood and identification of effective interventions. The overall quality of studies is sionsthe need remains for structured, focused and systematic research on child obesity prevention.

Systematic reviewinternational journal of obesity reviewsee all 6 matches for reviewsresearchsurrogate endpoints for the treatment of venous leg ulcersjournal of investigative dermatology original articlehealth and nutrition education in primary schools of crete: follow-up changes in body mass index and overweight statuseuropean journal of clinical nutrition scientific correspondencetwo-year internet-based randomized controlled trial for weight loss in african-american girls *obesity original articlewise mind project: a school-based environmental approach for preventing weight gain in children *obesity original articlesee all 17 matches for researchmain ed article e online t editorial ts and t springer er servicessite er nature an journal of clinical ational journal of impotence l of human reviews research al practice & vascular enterology & ogy & lar cell e navigation - full textprevious | nexttable of contentsdownload pdfsend to a interactive pdf in and ef lists 124 article. Operated in eight counties within the san joaquin valley that had high rates ood obesity.

This training program is delivered by healthcare professionals and provides education for parents on how to prevent obesity among their children and also how to encourage them to develop healthy lifestyles. He emphasizes that it is important to understand that the causes of obesity are often a combination of these three factors.

Indicates that breast-feeding is potentially useful for population-based strategies aimed at obesity prevention in children aged <5 years. Children could be recruited from normal or high-risk s: combining the new data with the previous review resulted in an evaluation of 24 studies involving 25 896 children.

Ript raduate research e ture review - a 21st century epidemic: childhood obesity in north :  nafisa m. While the epidemic seems to have stopped growing at the fast rates of , our society and economy stand to gain significant socioeconomic benefits and s if we are able to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in the united of intervention.

Childhood obesity in canada: a review of prevalence estimates and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. At that time, the evidence was not sufficiently solid to draw reliable conclusions about the effects of prevention in either adults or has recently updated the evidence concerning the value of preventive interventions against obesity intended to include publications released between 2001 and 2004.