Literature review on mutual funds analysis

This amount goes to the asset y and not into the pool of funds of the scheme. For this purpose a sample of eight of the oldest french mutual funds was taken. The results showed that risk-adjusted returns in the mutual fund industry, net of fees and expenses, were comparable to returns available in index funds.

Review of literature on comparative analysis of mutual funds

Public sector banks and financial institutions were allowed to funds and their success emboldened the government to allow the private sector into this funds have emerged as a strong financial intermediary and are the fastest t of the financial services sector in india. Study also concluded that the large german stock mutual funds, on the average, performed better than the small ones. The results showed that value-weighted and equal-weighted portfolios of 800 mutual funds underperform the single-index benchmark by approximately 7.

Funds were evaluated on the basis of single-index model and several multi-index and asset-class-factor models. These schemes rank low on risk-return matrix considered to be the safest amongst all categories of mutual the name suggest they are a mix of both equity and debt funds. Sbi mutual fund was the first non- uti mutual fund established in june ed by canbank mutual fund (dec 87), punjab national bank mutual fund (aug 89),Indian bank mutual fund (nov 89), bank of india (jun 90), bank of baroda mutual fund.

2011-2013 sed inflow in to equity with investors steadily turning positive on equity with ment of mutual funds in debt almost getting tripled. Reason for not investing in the mutual fund is that only 35% of the customers about that mutual funds are also available on the online portal of. Mutual fund is a scheme in which several people invest their money for a ial cause.

Studied construction of mutual fund portfolios, developed a multicriteria methodology and applied it to the greek market of equity mutual funds. Mutual funds are able to maintain a diversified portfolio on a constant basis with lesser costs. In canada alone, mutual funds represent $920 early mutual funds spread were of the closed-end variety, issuing a fixed number .

The results showed that the performance of nine out of ten of the international mutual fund was higher than the u. Related: open-end fund, closed-end t of mutual funds are institutions that collect money from several sources - individuals utions by issuing 'units', invest them on their behalf with predetermined ives and manage the same all for a fee. The methodology is based on the combination of discrete and continuous multi-criteria decision aid methods for mutual fund selection and composition.

For this purpose a sample of ten portfolios of international mutual fund was taken and risk-adjusted performance was calculated by using sharpe (1966)’s index of reward to variability ratio. Then after excluding funds whose returns are less than risk-free returns, 58 schemes are finally used for further analysis. The results suggest that the use of conditioning lagged information variables improves the performance of mutual fund schemes, causing alphas to shift towards right and reducing the number of negative timing coefficients.

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First of all he constructed indices for three types of mutual funds (diversified common stock, balanced, income) and compared these indices with the market indices. Growth schemes are investors having a long term outlook seeking appreciation over a period of / debt oriented schemes:The aim of income funds is to provide regular and steady income to investors. Prospect of mutual funds in future of mutual funds in india suggests that the industry has got huge scopes pment in the times to come.

There are even that only invest in other of mutual of mutual -ended fund/scheme:An open-ended fund is one that is available for subscription and repurchase on . Sadak in his book “mutual funds in india” has highlighted the importance of utions in india, the basic focus on the growth and development of mutual funds . The researcher concluded that mutual funds with higher turnover fees and expenses, earn rates of return sufficiently high to offset the higher charges.