Review of literature on hypertension

A custom research paper on any online teed quality -time delivery via ential & masters - showing students how to write quality research papers for over 19 masters custom research papers on hypertension literature masters writes custom research papers on hypertension literature reviews and examine recent peer reviewed publications regarding the disease hypertension. Studies have established the benefit of secondary prevention programs in ent of hypertension, with weight loss showing the most effective results..

Review of literature of hypertension

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According to the the sixth report of the joint national committee on prevention, detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood pressure (jnc vi), improvements made in awareness, detection, treatment, and control of hypertension have declined. According to the literature, the medication group followed by the weight loss group produced the greatest reduction in blood loss as monotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for patients with mild hypertension.

Factor modification be tried initially, in most cases, of mild r, controversy remains over the appropriate initial therapy for hypertension. Because drug therapies are not always effective, researchers have begun looking more closely at hypertension and its root causes to determine, what if any, non-medicinal treatments can be effective for treating this an attempt to find alternative methods for treating hypertension, researchers have begun study the effects of a myriad of non-medicinal hypertension treatments: exercise, dietary changes and stress management.

Search terms included “elderly and hypertension”, “counseling in hypertension”, “education in hypertension”, “hypertension”, and “weight loss in hypertension”. In addition it has been found that during long-term stimulation induced by stress, epinephrine and cortisone are both overproduced resulting in hypertension.

We included only two qualitative studies, which did not contribute important data about the views of policymakers and health care workers on health systems factors affecting ht care, contrary to what we had initially use of a conceptual health systems framework facilitated the conduct of the review, enabling systematic generation of terms for the search strategy and for classification of included studies according to the domains in the conceptual framework. Salud publica mex 51: 291–on cr, peer n, steyn k, levitt ns, hill mn (2007) determinants of hypertension care and control among peri-urban black south africans: the hihi study.

We conducted a systematic review of the influence of national or regional health systems on ht awareness, treatment, and le studies were those that analyzed the impact of health systems arrangements at the regional or national level on ht awareness, treatment, control, or antihypertensive medication adherence. Diet modification compared to medications, as a first step approach to mild hypertension in the adult population.

2003 fall;13(4):ension in blacks: a literature mo1, giles information1emerging investigations and analytic methods branch, division of adult and community health, national center for chronic disease prevention and health promotion, centers for disease control and prevention, atlanta, georgia 30341, usa. However, we are unaware of any previous systematic review exploring the effect of actions originating at national or regional health systems level, including health policies, programs, and interventions, on ht outcomes.

Arch intern med 168: 1285–lia ib, tessaro i, greenlund kj, ford es (2010) factors associated with control of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and diabetes among low-income women in west virginia. Clarification of these data was not forthcoming, so these data were excluded from the of bias ed studies were independently assessed for risk of bias by two reviewers.

12,13 however, controversy exists over the appropriate initial therapy for treating mild hypertension in the adult s with the following characteristics were included: 1) randomized clinical trials, published between 1992-1999 with male and female subjects older than 20 years and 2) at least 65 years old with newly diagnosed mild hypertension (sbp 140-159 and/or dbp 90-99). Importantly, given that there are many health systems frameworks, this review has shown the practicality of using the one chosen, a framework that is also being used in the multi-method appraisals and that has been found useful in similar previous studies using diabetes as a probe to analyze health systems [12],[13].

5 hypertension treatment focuses on lifestyle modifications such as weight reduction, smoking cessation, limited alcohol intake, exercise, reduced sodium, reduced fat and cholesterol intake, and adequate magnesium, potassium, and calcium intake. This review discusses the magnitude of the problem, its epidemiology, and the evaluation and management of hypertension as recommended by the reports of the joint national committee on prevention, detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood pressure.

American heart association provides information on high blood pressure (in several languages) and personal stories about dealing with high blood uk national health service (nhs) choices website provides detailed information for patients about hypertension and a personal story about world health organization provides information on controlling blood pressure and on health systems (in several languages); its "a global brief on hypertension" was published on world health day eplus provides links to further information about high blood pressure (in english and spanish). 15,16 the purpose of the taim study was to compare antihypertensive medications and diet modification in the treatment of mild hypertension.

Coronary heart disease and stroke, the number one and number two leading causes of death in the united states, are directly attributable to hypertension. To address this gap, we systematically reviewed the literature examining the effect of national or regional health system arrangements on ht care and control, and make recommendations for future research and sa protocol for this study has been published on the prospero international prospective register of systematic reviews, with the record number prospero 2012:crd42012002864 [11].

In addition, included quantitative studies were of variable methodological quality, with only one being randomized and a minority having a low risk of bias for all assessed methodological considering the findings of this review, the risk of publication bias cannot be ruled out, particularly for the positive findings relating to health insurance status, medication and treatment costs and co-payments, and presence of a routine setting of care, where it is possible that studies with null findings are under-published. In spite of the fact that there is no evidence to support the hypothesis that stress management can prevent hypertension, there is considerable evidence that it can reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

The limited scope and variable quality of literature found, as well as the context specificity of the findings, it remains possible to make inferences about the effect of some health system arrangements on ht outcomes. Can fam physician 55: 719– sn, cutler dm, adams as, lozano r, murray cjl (2007) impact of insurance and supply of health professionals on coverage of treatment for hypertension in mexico: population based study.