Review of literature regarding diabetes mellitus

Article | pubmed abstract | pubmed full ier k d, wicklow b a, macintosh a c, sellers e a, ryner l n, serrai h, gardiner p f, dean h j and mcgavock j m: hepatic steatosis and low cardiorespiratory fitness in youth with type 2 diabetes. Practice in this study was defined as the pattern and regularity of practices of the 10 items related to diabetes’.

Review of literature related to diabetes mellitus

Ninety-eight percent of paediatric consultants were found having special interest in diabetes whereas in 2002 about 89% of consultants were interested in diabetes. Article | i t, suzuki j, yoshida a, saito h and wada m: prevalence of components of the metabolic syndrome in schoolchildren with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Article | nathan j, choe s and sahajwalla cg: type 2 diabetes in pediatrics and adults: thoughts from a clinical pharmacology perspective. As we know that if diabetes is diagnosed in childhood and bitterly controlled, the chances to develop long-term complications become less.

The kap regarding diabetes was found to be better among people who were living with diabetes compared to their counterparts. This paper is a systematic review of the current literature regarding pediatric t2dm and its complications.

By then, 80% of all diabetes cases will occur in the low and middle socioeconomic classes where knowledge about diabetes is poor [3]. There is room for practice to be improved by the provision of adequate information, increasing the availability of educational materials and proper guidance towards diabetes management.

E g, davies m j, yates t, benhalima k, lawrence i g and khunti k: type 2 diabetes in younger adults: the emerging uk epidemic. Further supporting this, another systematic review was conducted by hawthorne et al (25) to determine the efficacy of various diabetic diet advice on balancing blood glucose level and weight in type 2 diabetic individuals.

The systematic review to be carried out will include literature from 2001 to 2011 in the united kingdom regarding awareness of diabetes among uk population and effectiveness of diabetes education. Article | kj, klingensmith g and zeitler p: type 2 diabetes in children is frequently associated with elevated alanine aminotransferase.

Pubmed]articles from journal of nephropharmacology are provided here courtesy of society of diabetic nephropathy s:article | pubreader | epub (beta) | pdf (313k) | ad citation file:|  post comment  |  view al researchpediatric type 2 diabetes mellitus complications: a systematic review of the literaturedeovina n jordan1†* and james l jordan2†. The diabetes related knowledge level was found to be average among nondm (70%) and t2dm (68%) respondents.

The trials indicated both glycaemic control as well as improvement in knowledge after culturally appropriate diabetes education interventions. The findings show similarities with those from studies of various countries, including bangladesh [8, 15, 33] where a wide gender gap was evident in knowledge, attitude and practice regarding diabetes [39].

So new health delivery systems are needed for children and young people to improve and control the regards to this, in 2010, fifth national survey was carried out to assess the delivery of uk diabetes services to children and young people and identified changes in service delivery systems since 2002 (9). Article | pubmed abstract | pubmed full ld rs, dewan ak and jain s: dyslipidemia in children with type 2 diabetes vs.

To a cohort study, conducted in 2005 by diabetes uk, the cancer risk and mortality is progressively elevating in insulin treated diabetic individuals (15). Educating the patients regarding diabetes have a key role in encouraging and supporting them to assume active responsibility for the day to day control of their situation.

In a study to detect the relation between health literacy, complication awareness and diabetic control among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, it was concluded that patient awareness scores and health literacy was negatively related to diabetes control (2). According to diabetes uk (2010) report, the residents of care homes fail to receive diabetes education and screening.

T-test and anova were used to test the equality of means between nondm and dm ariable linear regression modelling was applied to determine the variable associated with diabetes related kap. Article | er ms, quinn l and fritschi c: microalbuminuria and heart rate variability in adolescents with diabetes.

It is hoped that this review may be used as a basis for a more timely and appropriate management and treatment of pediatric t2dm to avoid serious long-term complications. So overall it was concluded that there is much improvement in diabetes services for children providing high quality care, but serious deficiencies still ing to diabetes uk (2010) most of the people with diabetes type 2 in the united kingdom are over 60; their level of diabetes knowledge tends to be poorer.

The study indicates that many providers involved in the study are aware of the diabetes related psychological problems but lack confidence in their ability to evaluate these problems and to support these patients. Duration of diabetes, poor glycemic control, increased c-reactive protein, and body mass index have been shown to be correlated positively with increased cimt [38].