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It is clear this student is working hard toward their degree, and you have no idea what other responsibilities they are carrying. The entertainer and former basketball star received a master’s degree from the university of phoenix prior to getting his doctorate from barry. I replaced someone with a bachelors and masters in it from an ivy league university, and he was unable to perform the required work.

Shaq phd dissertation

But there was a serious response, too:Lots of companies (and government agencies) pay for their employees to return to school for mbas and such, and a substantial number of those people end up at uop. College isn’t for adults that want to move up in life, no it’s only for rich people’s kids these days. After getting my mba, i received a total of 55k more annually since graduating in 2007.

My previous education has been an undergraduate degree, grad degree, as well as an mba, all from brick and mortar schools that each had some degree of distance learning. I’ve had no major problems, though (just as i had to do with other brick-and-mortar institutions i’ve attended) i’ve had to be persistent with the administrative staff to resolve a few relatively minor scheduling and financial issues. I’ve found that i must consider the entirety of a resume, to include education and experience, in order to make a decision to interview a candidate.

Think the question of uopx relates much more to the quality of the education, rather than the modality. I’m a parent and i’m finishing the last part of my mba-hrm with a 3. It is obvious, anyone ragging on university of phoenix solely on the basis of it being a for profit organization are the ignorant and uneducated ones.

They also offer personalized tutoring if you feel like you are getting in over your head in any particular course, as happened to me when i started doing college-level accounting. 22, 2013, at the third annual north east texas humor research conference, held on the campus of southern methodist university in you try to wrap your head around why a humor research conference would be so regionally specific as to even separate northeast texas into north and east, let alone the rest of that phrase (if you’d like to name-drop all of the other academic humor research conference in the comments below, go for it; otherwise keep reading), just stay focused on the big guy. I just started the mha/mba program at uop and have completed two classes thus far.

My degree is a professional taught doctorate, similar to a doctor of business administration (dba), doctor of education (ed. Have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and i am more marketable than an employee with just some ‘bookkeeping’ experience. I went and spoke with two other friends, both quite intelligent, who were getting their masters from uop.

I heavily regret my uop degree and wish i had put in the work to prep for the gmat and apply to ucf. Recieved my mba from uofp…even though i paid 150k for my mba was one of the best decisions i have ever made. Completed an associates of arts in information technology, now i’ve shifted my focus and am pursuing bachelors of science in history.

It’s not just about getting a bigger paycheck, but also being able to network with other professionals and finding new job opportunities via linkedin’s huge jobs share this post via facebook, linkedin, twitter, or email! Maybe focus more on what you can give personally, and not how a degree can sell you and do all the work for you in landing a good job. Think it’s funny that people want to ridicule some one for where they graduated college from.

First of all the people that attend uophx in essence by design have much more knowledge going into the undergrad program. Don’t typically like to read nor participate in these “bash the topic” threads, however, there appears to be some “miss informed” ideals at play here. Would like to take this moment to look at, and appreciate, the comment by kahlil northcross:“i am a u of p alumni and proud pf it.

Please try again rd youtube ts are disabled for this autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play earns doctorate graduates from barry university - picks up his professor! I was treated with a lot of disrespect, the staff would not answer the phones, they got smart with me when they finally answered, fired the professor over the program i wanted to go in under and blamed him even though he was the only one i could reach/ speak with (the only one with home training). Imo some private schools (like uop) are more innovative and the criteria and curriculum was as difficult if not more difficult while attending uop.