Should the electoral college be abolished essay

Unfortunately, in recent years our congresses have been so dysfunctional they cannot even agree on a lunch menu. Is this system a tribute to democracy and the brilliance of its creators or is it an archaic tradition that should be eliminated....

Should the electoral college be abolished dbq essay

Furthermore bush supporters got late arriving absentee military votes counted in select districts, if all those votes has been counted statewide gore would have won. The rules of the electoral college system for dealing with a tie are bizarre and scary and create a fairly plausible scenario by which no one would be elected president in time for inauguration only tie in electoral college history was in 1800, a totally bizarre situation, in the days before formal tickets, and back in the days when several states still did not even hold a popular vote in the presidential selection process.

They chose to have congress make the laws, and congress would be selected directly by the people. In the united states of america, the presidential election takes place every four years, on the first tuesday of november [1].

7] [8] [9] according to alexander hamilton, the electoral college is if "not perfect, it is at least excellent," because it ensured "that the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Gore got the votes but lost the recount because he failed to get a full statewide recount of all ballots and an application of the same standards to all late arriving absentee military ballots.

Nine states have legislation that penalizes faithless electors, though no faithless elector has ever been successfully prosecuted. Of those visits, nearly two-thirds took place in the four battlegrounds with the most electoral votes — florida, pennsylvania, ohio, and north carolina.

In order to fully understand the underlying problems of the electoral college we have to look back at the time that the idea of the electoral college itself was proposed and see how the culture of the time and the ideologies of the people involved helped shaped the final outcome. Beginning in america in 1787, the electoral college was originally created during the constitutional convention to help make a fair way for the president to be elected without giving too much power to either the national government or individual states.

I doubt he’ll get anywhere near 9, but virginia is considered very close and has been designated a key swing state worth 13 winner-take-all electoral votes. Electoral college gives too much power to "swing states" and allows the presidential election to be decided by a handful of states.

Although highly integrated in the european market and the schengen area, iceland is not a member of eu and currently has suspended negotiations that began in 2010, until the government can hold a referendum on the question whether or not to continue negotiations. This ease of information exchange has caused many things to change, be it the growing popularity of the internet and e-mail or the ridiculous amount of television channels ever ready to inform the average citizen of the happenings around the community, state, country, and world....

A vote in montana counts more than a vote in california because montana has a smaller population, so one vote is put with less people. Then, on january 20, the president-elect takes the oath of office as president of the united ms of the electoral people dislike the electoral college system.

The real question is: has the electoral college gotten too far out of hand where it needs to go.... The practical effect of the electoral college is then to force third party movements into one of the two major political works in two ways, first, major parties have every incentive to absorb minor party movements in an attempt to win popular majorities in the states.

It was originally designed in article ii of the constitution, so that each state receives an elector for every senator (two per state) and representative (number based on population).... Voting - should felons who have completed their sentence (incarceration, probation, and parole) be allowed to vote?

In some states, electors are legally required to vote for their ential elections take place on the first tuesday after the first monday in november every four years. What i do not understand, and what you have failed to explain to me, is why a conservative should want to defend or register to post ted by aaron cope on april 14, 2015 - 10:36pm.

Three auto bailout - should the big three car manufacturers be bailed out by the us government? In an electoral college system, if the candidate wins all the little states they can win the election.

I suggest that in fact the parties have been moving to attempt to prevent presidential candidates arising from the states before they are vetted by the "wise" men and women of the central committees of either party. Our government leads us to believe that our vote matters, and that we should not take the responsibility a political science major, i religiously follow presidential campaigns and was looking forward to being able to vote this november in the general election for the first time.

Is it possible for a presidential candidate to receive the most popular votes and still not be elected president. But during john adams' term as president (1797–1801), political parties became much stronger than they had been before.