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A green page icon next to the journal title indicates full text w campus is a comprehensive legal research ide political science es citations with abstracts to the literature of political science and related fields such as international relations, law, public administration and public policy. As the distinction between a database and a search engine is unclear for these complex document retrieval systems, see:The general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic graphic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal that "free" or "subscription" can refer both to the availability of the database or of the journal articles included.

Link opens in a new pilots (published international literature on traumatic stress) database provides current and retrospective citations and selected abstracting of literature on post-traumatic stress disorder and related psychological effects of traumatic events. Subject strengths are african-american studies, anthropology, asian studies, ecology, economics/finance, general science, history, literature, math/statistics, philosophy, political science, population/demography, and st es access to u.

Link opens in a new access to isi citation databases (science citation index (1965-present), social sciences citation index (1965-present), and arts & humanities citation index (1975-present)). Current chapter and book coverage includes worldwide english-language material from 1987 to the staff and other authorised users:The knowledge n academy of sciences on and off bes material on the social sciences and humanities published in the commonwealth of independent states and eastern europe - books, manuscripts, dissertations, and articles from more than 10,000 periodicals.

Ical database with a strong focus on drug and pharmaceutical : educational resource information ion literature and resources. Food science and technology science, food technology, world's leading database of information on food science, food technology and ed by ifis publishing.

Citation reports:This article was published on jul 24, s & formation services homelibraryfinding resourceslibrary databasesdatabases by subjectsocial resources for social (applied social science index and abstracts). By using the “my profile” feature, users can establish a list of favorite journals and set up rss feeds that provide notifications when new issues are d social sciences index and abstracts (assia).

Geosciences list bibliographic, abstracting and indexing database dedicated to public health research and metabolome golm metabolome database (gmd) is a reference mass spectra library of biologically active metabolites quantified using gas chromatography (gc) coupled to mass spectrometry (ms). Sociology source ultimate features more than 26,000 author profiles covering the most cited and most influential authors in the database, who are experts in their field.

Bibliographic database covering all of asce's publications since an society of civil nts: cognitive sciences eprint sity of southampton[41]. Social services abstracts provides bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development.

Social science research ns an abstracts database and an electronic paper collection, arranged by science electronic publishing, inc. Fulltext an society of civil ation for computing machinery digital er science, ation for computing machinery[19].

A non-profit sciences - articles & ses: social sciences - articles & databases: databases: social ses: social bets: communication bets: gender & women's bets: library & information bets: bets: sociology & sciences - articles & note: these databases require that you log in with your uri page provides details on logging in to uri-subscribed databases, journals, and link opens in a new text access to current and back issues of fifteen of the american anthropological association's periodicals. Subject coverage includes anthropology, criminology, law, political science, psychology, sociology and women’s services abstracts (csa).

Provides a search of over 45 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information with just one query, and is a gateway to over 2000 scientific alliance, 18 scientific and technical organizations from 14 federal agencies that contribute to . Database, provided by the national criminal justice reference service, that contains summaries of more than 150,000 criminal justice publications, including federal, state and local government reports, books, journal articles and research reports.

Because of jstor’s archival mission, there is a gap, typically from 1 to 5 years, between the most recently published journal issue and the back issues y literature & information science retrospective (ebscohost). Social sciences index and abstracts (assia) is a multidisciplinary bibliographic database that covers health, social services, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, race relations and education.

Complete collection of bibliographic references covering life science and biomedical research literature published from more than 4,000 journals ble from thomson reuters[25]. Multilingual worldwidescience provides real-time searching and translation of globally dispersed multilingual scientific worldwidescience alliance, a multilateral partnership, consists of participating member countries and provides the governance structure for worldwidescience.

While accessible from anywhere, users must initially create an account while on campus, and must access the database from on-campus at least once every six lism and mass communication abstracts (aejmc). Engineering, computer leading bibliographic database providing abstracts and indexing to the world's scientific and technical papers in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computing, information technology, manufacturing, production, and mechanical s, (high energy).

Social ition offers the academic community four international-scale publication and information platforms in the humanities and social éo (ums 3287) cnrs ehess university of avignon[101]. Link opens in a new cts and indexes current research in social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development.

Full-text aggregation of more than 180 scientific journals publishing current research in biodiversity conservation, biology, ecology, environmental science, entomology, ornithology, plant science, and abstract & references, open access titles, and ble from bioone[26]. More information on the individual databases, see their respective entries in the databases chapters, books, journal articles, magazine articles, technical reports, theses & ics, education, feminist studies, global & international studies, global peace & security, islamic studies, lgbt studies, linguistics, psychology (brain sciences), religious studies, sociology, women's studies, studies, social barbara, ca library - main (805) 893-2478 | music library (805) ght © 2010-2017.