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With a focus on the unemployment insurance (ui) and general assistance (ga) programs, this dissertation consists of three papers that investigate (1) the impacts of state ui modernization, (2) state ui approaches to social protection, and (3) state legislative reform of ga, respectively. Results also showed that new skill acquisition by coalition members and the engagement of diverse sectors in coalition work, as reported by coalition members, moderated the relationship between ctc and the community-wide adoption of a science-based approach to prevention.

Social work masters dissertation

Andrew godoy and nathan s about substance abusing parents among california state university master of social work students, angela r. Gracian and yanni workers' perception of the negative effects of labeled patients, jessie y & dragons: a look into the possible applications of table top role playing games in therapy with adolescents, raul influence of direct-to-consumer genetic test results on the finalization of foster adoption, john gies and coping mechanisms utilized by nicu and picu social workers to prevent primary trauma, secondary trauma stress, compassion fatigue and burnout, amy link between foster youth and teachers using empowerment: do trusting relationships improve outcomes?

Utilizing the linked data from the collaborative psychiatric epidemiology surveys (cpes), this dissertation addresses the gap in literature by examining differences in reports of chronic cardiovascular, chronic respiratory, and chronic pain conditions across three samples of asian american (n=1,628), latino americans (n=1,940), and afro-caribbean american (n=978) respondents. Basingstoke: palgrave e social work dissertation topic 12:The policies of the coalition government with respect to social work: a age of austerity ushered in with the election of the coalition government has resulted in a number of key changes to the way in which social work is governed within england and wales.

The final paper reviews the theoretical frameworks that have been employed to study lesbian, gay, and bisexual older adult health. Thus, a variety ofrisk and protective factors likely influence their health in unique dissertation seeks to shift the focus of lgbt literature to center the lives of older bisexuals, who represent a sexual minority group with significant and unique health disparities in relation to heterosexual, lesbian, and gay older adults.

Any changes in co-authorship must be approved by the student’s an article is rejected by a journal during the dissertation process, the student may submit to another journal approved by the dissertation committee. Teixeira, samantha "it seems like no one cares":  youth perspectives on housing abandonment and urban blight2013choi, eun hee  racial/ethnic inequality among older workers: focusing on whites, blacks, and latinos within the cumulative advantage/disadvantage frameworkconstance-huggins, monique tanf entry and exit in the post welfare reform era:  the contributions of human capital and social capitalkim, yoon mi  linking acculturation patterns, acculturative stress, and education policies to educational competence among mexican-american childrenschelbe, lisa  "some type of way":  an ethnography of youth again out of the child welfare systemthomas, tammy  "hey, those are teenagers and they are doing stuff":  youth participation in community development2012friedline, terri predicting savings from adolescence to young adulthood: early access to savings leads to improved savings outcomekim, yoonmi the effects of acculturation, perceived discrimination, and educational policy on educational achievements among latino youths kolivoski, karen patterns of justice system involvement among child-welfare involved youthlee, yeonjung family caregivers' labor force participation and financial well-being:  a longitudinal study nam, ilsung effects of economic hardship on complicated grief  2011 weaver, addie is family therapy effective, acceptable, and sustainable for mothers and children?

However, working families in states enacting ui modernization provisions, on average, experienced a greater economic improvement rate in the income-to- poverty level than their counterparts, controlling for state and household second paper classifies state ui policy approaches to social protection by using an advanced model-based clustering technique to analyze multidimensional policy design and performance characteristics of 51 ui programs. This study suggests the application of a borderlands framework in social work scholarship, pedagogy, and practice, namely by informing existing and potential collaborative community efforts to address disparities and promote on pathways to adulthood and adult criminal today’s social and economic context in the u.

Thus, investigating differences in how women and men experience traumatic events, how they use smoking to cope with these experiences and how comorbid trauma and smoking translates to their children’s smoking may explain underlying causes and cross-generational persistence of smoking differences and similarities in the link between trauma and smoking behavior will be examined using existing data from two linked longitudinal studies: the seattle social development project (ssdp), a gender-balanced sample of 412 men and 396 women who have been followed from childhood (age 10)to adulthood (age 33), and the ssdp intergenerational project (tip), a study of the children of ssdp participants who have been followed from childhood through adolescence. The ramifications of the failure of health services and social workers to protect ‘baby p' from his murderers have resonated through british society.

It is one of the largest centres for social work education in the uk and is among the highest ranked for the quality of its teaching and research. Uspenn librariesmy accounthelpaboutscholarlycommons tions by research ate in social work (dsw) series contains dissertations from penn's doctorate in social work program.

Thirdly, broad community perceptions were that social workers were the agents of removal, yet such removals were undertaken on the advice of medical professionals, and, in some cases, contrary to the advice of social workers. A literature and practice-based dissertation examines factors such as an increased understanding of professional roles, communication, coherent service and tension reduction, and how these impact on professionals in multi-agency working practice.

Employing postcolonial and poststructuralist frameworks, the study aims to reveal the function of language in representing hoa youth: it assumes language to be a “site of contestation” where youth position and reposition their claims as they characterize themselves and their study’s thematic findings highlight three aspects of hoa youth experience: their strategic use of the language of difference; the hybridity of their experiences and aesthetics; and their use of this inbetweeness as a space of possibility. When asking for permission to include the article in the dissertation, students should notify the journal editor that the dissertation will be made available least two of the articles should be based on data that are analyzed by the student.

Finally, it draws up recommendations for the means by which social workers can clarify their roles, and provides links to the support available for those in such ted initial topic reading:Christ, g. In doing so, this study implements a family systems approach to understanding these emplaced experiences, acknowledging the complex relational connections within families and the ways in which stressful events in particular, have ripple effects through the family dissertation is comprised of three papers empirically based on qualitative interviews with parents who attended the national military family association’s operation purple family retreat® (opfr) and operation purple healing adventures® (opha) programs in 2013.

Upon completion of the discussion as determined by the chair, the candidate and the non-committee members present are asked to leave for the committee to committee has the following choices:Pass: the candidate may proceed with the : the student may be granted another opportunity to take the examination after completing additional work. Of social workers and volunteers: and the effect of these on services offered to clients of social work ies, elizabeth m.

Focusing upon the role of the media and the lessons learned, this dissertation asks whether more still needs to be done to not protect those who are not guilty until so proven and the need for greater sensitivity from the press. 2005) ‘self‐reflection in critical social work practice: subjectivity and the possibilities of resistance', reflective practice: international and multidisciplinary perspectives, vol.

2011) ‘problems with the term and concept of ‘abuse': critical reflections on the scottish adult support and protection study', british journal of social work, vol. My dissertation uses a two-generation approach to build upon the mounting evidence on adverse childhood experiences and generate evidence regarding intergenerational adversity and its impact on parental capacities and early childhood socio-emotional health.

This dissertation seeks, however, to test the validity of this contention with reference to work ‘in the field'. For this dissertation, i first examined the extent to which the effect of ctc on the adoption of a community-wide scientific approach to prevention varied significantly across matched community pairs.