Stalin ate my homework

The ending seems rather sudden, but then there is a , alexei sayle has an affectionate trawl through his memories of his parents, especially his fierce and opinionated mum molly. 0 out of 5 starstrotsky ate my tea11 september 2017format: kindle edition|verified purchasevery funny unlike most comedian's memoirsread more0comment|was this review helpful to you?

As a character study of a young, idealistic but naive man it is - if anything - too self-depreciating but is fascinating and funny all the nly it whets the appetite for his next memoir 'thatcher ate my trousers' due for publication in , self-deprecating, memoir of his childhood and teenage years, told with much liverpool humour, clarity, and affection. If you attempt, for example, to be sphinx-like, mysterious and enigmatic when you get to the front of a long queue at the chip shop, you do risk being punched quite hard in the back of the head.

The best i can say about the politics of my home is that my dad hated the harolds macmillan and wilson with equal vehemence, though for reasons probably connected with his own alcoholism, seem to have a soft spot for the falling-down-drunk george our paths ever crossed in those early years it might have been whilst clutching our mother’s hands in the shopping street of walton vale where a big woolies (i think it was) drew in the housewives from far afield. Barcelona plates was followed by the dog catcher, two novels: overtaken and the weeping women hotel and a novella, mister roberts.

She was, for example, in favour of stalin’s show trials, but against winston churchill — aka “that drunken b-----d”. Lots of madly comic moments and a great deal of very poignant analytical e being a fan of alexei sayle's comedy (part pythonesque absurdity and part social comment), i probably wouldn't have picked up his first memoir if it hadn't borne the title 'stalin ate my homework'.

Sayle on all new alexei sayle show 2 - bbc 1995 - anarchic comedy insights from the scouse sayle: london by sayle - i hate university sayle star trek the next generation sayle - et thatcher is dead - alexei sayle & louise mench give their views (channel 4 news, 8. Alexei sayle is not your ordinary oxbridge educated comedian, he has a totally different background which i, as a non-brit haven't really heard of properly.

My age grew up without alexei sayle appearing somewhere in their memories, whether it be as the landlord (and various family members) in the young ones, or in the comic strip, his own sketch shows, or even just for the “ullo john got a new motor?! Your preferred add it to your address ch to this address when you check sayles might not have been the only jewish atheist communist family in liverpool, but alexei knew from an early age that they were one of the more on the day egg rationing came to an end, alexei was the only child of joe, an affable trade unionist who led the family on railway expeditions across eastern europe, and molly, a hot-tempered red-head who terrified teachers and insisted alexei see the red army choir instead of the tive and hilarious, this is a portrait of a family, a city, a country and a continent going through enormous all buying ate my uk delivery on book orders dispatched by amazon over £ched from and sold by to open l offers and product check our best rated biography ntly bought all three to of these items is dispatched sooner than the other.

In czechoslovakia ("a place so foreign it had a 'z' in its name") the sayles find themselves in a topsy-turvy world where they're met by limousines, wined and dined, and generally treated like royalty. The audio version was particularly entertaining since sayle reads it himself, and he's a spirited, energetic reader who suits his own material very well.

Of course, sayle can and does easily make fun of the politics he grew up with, at times tossing chunks of baby out with the bathwater, in my opinion. The only things that shone brightly were the oddly shaped religious artifacts on the sideboard, their polished brass flanks decorated with strange foreign writing that looked like it had come off the side of a flying saucer.

Such a fascinating background - dedicated communist parents, who took him (courtesy of father's access to free rail travel) out of their modest surroundings to holidays all over was always one of my favourite angry, alternative comedian and when he appeared live at the everyman back in the 80's he was impressive live, too. But he quickly found a way to kick out by becoming a maoist - out-stalinising his now "wishy-washy" looks back on most of what he was taught politically as nonsense, although there is a really nice moment when he describes finally getting that marx was actually right about the historical of the book is funny and at no time nasty about his unconventional parents.

The young sayle’s character was formed by the profound experience of growing up in a communist party household, governed by the ’s a lot in this book that makes me feel that my life has moved in parallel with alexei sayle’s, at least for the first 20 years. No wonder – while his friends were going mad for the beatles, alexei's mother insisted that he listen to the red army choir use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.

Tracking you are private browsing in firefox, "tracking protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. Mostly, reading this just made me feel happy, although my own family doesn't resemble the sayles is a memoir by young ones comedian, alexei sayle, about growing up in blue collar liverpool in a family heavily active in britain's communist party.

Funny jokes by 100 hundred whip-smart big short hits uk cinemas: these are the best films about big short, the film adaptation of michael lewis' book of the same the causes of the financial crisis, opens in uk cinemas this will the story stack up against the greatest films about business? Knew it wasn't going to be a showbiz biog when i went in and sayle had an incredibly unique upbringing as the son of communists in liverpool but i did find my attention waning occasionally at the endless train journeys and excursions.

Strange – or perhaps not so – that he appeared years later as the very mainstream labour new statesman journalist urging the party establishment to trash the city’s powerful militant current….. Instead bambi and the beatles are replaces by eisenstein and the red army choirs; it’s almost like a foreign enclave within our own country.

At times, being the only child of two political extremists clearly took its toll — although these moments, he says, were left deliberately vague. Actually got this as an unabridged audiobook, as narrated by the author himself, which meant that we were treated to his impression of his flame-haired jewish, screeching mother molly.

The memoir makes no bones about the fact that even the endlessly nice joe believed in state terror and the eradication of unwanted classes of human beings. Just a moment while we sign you in to your goodreads video is queuequeuewatch next video is sayle reading from stalin ate my cribe from hodderstoughton?