Supply chain management dissertation

2011), supply chain management and critical theory: meta-theoretical, disciplinary and practical contributions to the supply chain management discipline based on insights from the management accounting discipline, cal university of denmark:jørgensen, p. Obviously, other nordic researchers may produce doctoral dissertations that deal with topics under the scope of this review, but is outside the nofoma radar (e.

Thus, the status of the papers after the phd evaluation is not included in the dissertation score presented in this article-based dissertation is evaluated not only on the enclosed articles, but also on the text (the frame) that bind the articles together. Work develops the concept of supply chainmanagement into a broader, holistic concept of interorganisationoperations management.

7 potential topics for inclusion in the dissertationsthe review process of the 150 dissertations reveals that five research areas seem to be under-prioritized among nordic scholars within logistics and scm. Fourth, since the contact persons were not provided with a definition of logistics and scm, they might have excluded some dissertation that could have fallen within the scope of this analysis.

The number of identified dissertations in this study is significantly larger than the four reviews conducted by stock and colleagues and clearly reflects a significant increase in colleges/universities graduating doctoral students within logistics- and supply chain-related areas. The empirical research tests hypothesesrelating to gaps in customers' and suppliers'perceptions of requirements and performance in supplychains, against a set of performance hypotheses are tested in four automotiveaftermarket supply chains, two of which are in spainand two in the uk.

However, in order to minimize subjectivity, an aligned interpretation of the review elements and their outcome was obtained by a common review of three different types of dissertations (one monograph and two article-based dissertations). Third, the list of dissertations that was composed and reviewed stems from the nofoma research community.

3]); independent literature reviews as well as discussions on the “red line” between the included overall purpose with the dissertation score is to propose a measure to be used for discussing the scope and content-type of a phd dissertation. Additionally, according to zachariassen and arlbjørn [41], there has also been a decreased focus on the philosophy of science, since most dissertations were being published as collections of articles.

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5 conclusionthis paper has set out to analyze the development of nordic doctoral dissertations in logistics and scm from the years 2009–2014. How do different stakeholders make sense of sustainable principles and decisions across a global and fragmented supply chain?

Topic: strategic alliances and supply chain managementwhile cooperation is inherent to supply chain management concept and practice, little work uses strategic alliances literature and theoretical background to study supply chain alliances. The dissertation score is here suggested as an instrument that can be used in discussions on what is required to earn the degree of phd at the specific research institutions and, through benchmarks, facilitate alignment processes if needed.

Dissertation score is a measure for the phd dissertation at hand—and thus, the status of it when it was judged and passed. Per month over past us: publications@ics researchdecember 2016, 9:5 | cite asdoctoral dissertations in logistics and supply chain management: a review of nordic contributions from 2009 to 2014authorsauthors and affiliationschristopher rajkumarlone kavinxue luojan stentoftemail authoropen accessoriginal paperfirst online: 14 march 2016received: 02 november 2015accepted: 17 february ctthe purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze nordic doctoral dissertations in logistics and supply chain management (scm) published from the years 2009–2014.

Next step in developing a dissertation score is to propose a measure that takes into account the number of authors as well as the order of the authors. Extant literature on doctoral dissertations in logistics and supply chain managementseveral authors have analyzed and classified doctoral dissertations in logistics and scm, both within the nordic countries as well as the usa.

A dissertation score has been suggested as a measure for initiating discussions about such dissertations at a single research institution and as a benchmark between different institutions. It is alsoshown this customers are more dissatisfied with someperformance dimensions than these supply chains, customer dissatisfaction andmisperception of performance both significantlyincrease upstream i.

2009), commuting time choice and the value of travel time, öørn js, de haas h, munksgaard kb (2011) exploring supply chain innovation. Scm research center for transportation & logistics  |  1 main street, building e90  |  cambridge, ma 02139  |  1-617-324-6564  |  scm@tation on supply chain labour day xbox 360 ap essay questions the great gatsby w : november 3, 2017then got a tone of essays to do al essay online course zodiac character analysis for the great gatsby essay tion of essay in english literature definition.

In this section, nine prior studies—seven american studies and two nordic studies—are briefly mentioned so as to identify the trends in topical coverage through the years and to see whether there are any similarities between the topics chosen by phd students across the first study of compendiums of phd research in logistics conducted by stock back in 1987 [28] examined 684 dissertations from the period 1970–1986 [29]. Master in managementmba in international managementexecutive mbaphd - doctoral s (full-time)executive masters (part-time)executive education (open and custom)summer course europe offers a broad range of general and specialised programmes in various subjects with a cross-cultural approach to in international managementexecutive mbaexecutive mastersexecutive officer programmesopen europe's executive education combines top-notch knowledge with a hands-on approach across our 6 campuses and ate relationsfind your future managerscorporate partnershipscorporate ate chairsapprenticeship ate relations provide companies with a unique gateway into the school and its highly dynamic and very culturally diverse student associationescp europe europe's strong network of 49,000 alumni in over 150 countries worldwide represents more than 200 are you looking for ?

By reviewing such dissertations, it will be possible to gain some interesting information regarding the development and direction of research within the discipline. The increase in these topics is primarily based on swedish and norwegian  5division of dissertations according to topic groups and country of origin danishfinnishicelandicnorwegianswedishtotalabcabcabcabcabcabcsystem design/structure/effectiveness5411067––15–6527251222distribution/route planning1–23–2–––2763129812organizational development/competencies3511110––––2232771020system integration/integration enablers1–2134–––1235178616environmental issues/csr–12–11–––––1213237inter-organizational collaboration/third-party logistics3113312–––22–348111021material handling/material planning––5–3–––––3338631414transport/transport systems2–1245–––2–5411610527risk management–––––2–––––1––60–9humanitarian logistics–––––2––––––––10–3others––2–13––––1–––2027total151117202248––11217272820657570158a = time period of 1999–2001 covered in gubi et al.