Teenage obesity essay

Childhood obesity epidemic s, and video games is another cause of childhood ’s article states that the “number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680” (2). Obesity magnifies the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments–already overtaking tobacco as the leading cause of chronic illness (brownell and horgen 4).... Political factors -government policies/legislations on health and fitness due to the important consequences that obesity has on a country’s economy it gains a lot of attention from the federal and the state government.

This diet can be replaced by milk, juice and fruits for second cause of obesity is . In an attempt to stress the severity, the director of the cdc proclaimed that obesity should be taken as seriously as any infectious disease epidemic. Obesity is a state of having too much body fat and not losing any weight or gaining more weight which many people also call being overweight.

Obesity is determined by a formula called bmi and is calculated by dividing body weight by height squared. According to the center of disease control and prevention, “childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. Sample essays & ght and copy; ielts-blog 2005-2017 all rights y powered by wordpress - disclaimer - privacy - search returned over 400 essays for "obesity children".

Write sentences at appropriate points in the essay whose only function is to inform the reader about the logic mentioned in point (1). Childhood obesity in america is a growing disease that is slowly taking over the world because of the fast food industry, school lunch programs, and parental control. Childhood obesity is more than just the embarrassment of buying larger clothing or feeling self-conscious in gym class, it can lead to life-threatening problems.

There are some that would argue to say that obesity is okay and that it is not that big of a deal, they are wrong.... Obesity has become an epidemic in our world, it has many contributing factors, affects learning abilities but there are preventive methods for it. A study released in 2005 by the university of michigan health system suggests that the average life expectancy could decline by five years if the rising rate of obesity is not y is controllable and even preventable by taking simple steps that include improving nutrition and increasing physical activity.

Moreover, the prevalence of childhood obesity has almost tripled in the past two decades, from 6. Furthermore, schools can add sports in their curriculum to maintain physical fitness in their sum up, it is clear that main causes of obesity are unhealthy eating and not enough physical activities. Belkin, paper describes the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic and the school intervention movement to develop healthy lifestyles and reduce obesity.

But the low self esteem of the obese teenagers do not allow them to develop such a positive mind set. It affects between 5 and 30 percent of children in the united states which conveys there may be about 12 million teens that suffer from obesity in the united states today. This paper will look at the analysis of diabetes in young children, obesity, health education strategies and communication strategies used in nursing care and control of diabetes (benjamin, 2011, 108)....

Obesity is an excessive amount of body fat in relation to body mass, being overweight is your body weight in relation to your height (l. Obesity has been around for many years but has always been known to be an adult issue.... The focus of preventing obesity will be the two to six year old age group.

This implies that that particular person is one of many to be inflicted with obesity. Note that in these transitional sentences we've reminded the reader of what we were just doing (talking about consequences), what we did earlier (talked about causes), and what we are about to do (talk about solutions), and we've done it in such a way that the three parts of the essay form a natural whole. Obesity has been associated with energy intake and expenditure imbalance, genetics, cultural, socioeconomic, behavioral, and situational factors all play a role in eating and weight control (bray, 2005)....

To prevent an unhealthy adult life, teens need to start fighting cdc shows that up to 30 percent of adult obesity cases begin with pediatric obesity. When one hears the word obesity thoughts that may come to mind are overweight, big, or even unhealthy. Because of america’s obesity problems, surgeon general david satcher issued a report saying; "the surgeon general's call to action to prevent and decrease overweight," said that obesity "have reached epidemic proportions" in america.