Year 5 homework

Mrs jenkins, mr harris, miss law, mrs stanton and mrs boon  - year 5 gham primary school, highlands road, buckingham mk18 acher: mrs.

School ational link and aspirations and beach at support l educational y website year 5 pupils (kittiwakes) have brought in some amazing home learning - all liked to their learning 'conflict and courage'.

15th september 2017 your spelling rule sometimes, some words have silent letters in them that we do not pronounce.

The children are given statutory words from the year 5/6 list and then select challenge words from their own writing books that have been identified as spelt incorrectly during the past week.

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You will be tested on 5 random spellings taken from the last five spellings tests, so please re-familiarise….

Spag - weekly task to be completed using the spag termlychildren will be bringing home a homework grid to encourage their independent learning at home.

You will be tested on 5 random spellings from this half term’s spelling tests, so please re-familiarise yourself with all of these words in preparation for the test.

6th october 2017 your spelling rule this week’s spellings come from the statutory list of words set up by the government for all children to know by the end of year 5.

13th october 2017   secret 5 spelling test in accordance with the school’s new spelling policy, a ‘secret 5’ spelling test will take place on the last week of each half-term.

It's registered address is, the atkins centre, kemnal technology college, sevenoaks way, sidcup, kent, da14 5aa.

Speaking and listening project – to create a project on a club of your night will be 30 mins homework and 15 minutes reading.

If your child is struggling to complete homework, please let us know and we can support them at school.

Children should complete up to 6 task from this year into their homework books and bring into school to share with the rest of the class.

17 silent h homework - given out on tuesday 31st october - due in on monday 6th book task - given out 31.

If you are unable to access a computer or the internet, there is a homework club every monday lunchtime that they can make sure that times tables are practised all year round as this will help with all maths topics!

Due to the new curriculum, times tables now go up to the 12 times tables, all children should know these tables by the end of year is essential that children read for at least 10 minutes every night.

Naima rk project this half term, pupils should be set a homework project before the topic begins about space exploration children should research and present work about space exploration.